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Haub School alumni are making a difference in the world

The Haub School has been going strong for more than two decades. Every year we send more graduates out our doors. Our alumni are thoughtful, ambitious, and creative. They go on to solve difficult problems and improve the world around them.

These graduates work for tribes and governments, for schools and art institutes, for law firms and consulting firms, for international aid organizations and ski areas, and so much more. Among their ranks are entrepreneurs and photojournalists, biologists and policy analysts, technicians and directors. No matter where they work each day, our graduates bring with them the problem-solving skills, the consideration of natural resource management, and the ability to work with people from across the aisle that we instill at the Haub School.



Alumni Highlight: Casey Terrell

Casey works as counsel with the law firm of Hirst Applegate in Cheyenne, WY. He helps his clients with whatever civil needs they have, focusing on energy and commercial work litigation. He received his bachelors in Political Science in 2015, and Juris Doctor in Law/ dual Master of Arts in ENR (JDMA) in 2018. 

“One of the things that the Haub School does really well is focusing not only on substantively addressing problems but also spending time discussing and teaching their students how to approach problems and engage in problem-solving … Especially in my line of work, I daily encounter challenging situations where folks have competing interests, and I am tasked with navigating those as best I can while advocating for my client,” Casey says.

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Casey Terrell



Alumni Highlight: Ashton Hooker

Ashton Hooker received her Master of Arts in Communication and a concurrent degree in Environment and Natural Resources. Now based out of Gardiner, MT, Ashton is a Digital Communications Specialist for the National Park Service. While this role can be various activities, it mainly consists of Park social media channels, working with public affairs and reporters doing media events. 

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Ashton Hooker



Alumni Highlight: Taylor Kruger

Taylor Kruger, originally from Fryeburg, ME, received her graduate degree in Environment, Natural Resources & Society (ENRS), graduating spring 2023. Taylor currently works as a research associate for the Wyoming Outdoor Recreation, Tourism and Hospitality (WORTH) Initiative at UW. Starting as a teaching assistant with Dr. Dan McCoy in 2022, she was able to stay on working on projects with WORTH. 

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Taylor Kruger






Alumni Highlight: Rebecca Levine

Rebecca received her master’s degree in Environment, Natural Resources & Society (ENRS), defending in Fall 2023. She is now a Research Scientist in the Monteith shop studying large mammal management and conservation. Through working in her graduate position, Rebecca decided to stay at the University of Wyoming to continue her work as staff. Her project focused on the study of moose in Meeteetse, WY, managing GPS collars, catching animals, and communicating with landowners and agencies involved in land management.

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Alumni Highlight: Ruby Jenco

Ruby graduated this past spring with degrees in Environment & Natural Resources (ENR) and Wildlife & Fisheries Biology & Management, with minors in French, Honors, and Outdoor Leadership. She is now a Field Instructor at Teton Science Schools (TSS) in Jackson, WY. She works on place-based education, taking students into nature to specifically teach about our world and how we fit into it. She originally learned about TSS when she took the Winter Ecology field course through the Haub School and had an amazing experience with the educators which sparked her interest. Coming from St. Joseph, MO, the vibrant winters of Jackson were a newfound experience, one she fell in love with quickly. 

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Ruby Jenco





Alumni Highlight: Caitlin McLennan

Caitlin McLennan finished her undergrad at UW in 2020, studying Environment & Natural Resources (ENR) and Political Science, with a minor in Sustainability. After finishing her master's at Tufts University this spring, Caitlin is now the Sustainability Coordinator at Utah State University working to ensure sustainability permeates the entire campus. Whether working with faculty to include sustainability in academics, to managing greenhouse gas reduction and net zero initiatives, Caitlin is there, ready to be an activist in the workplace.

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Caitlin McLennan



Alumni Highlight: Will Benkelman

Will Benkelman, graduate of both the Haub School's undergraduate and graduate programs, is currently a project associate for Peak Facilitation Group. Will works by going "into meetings, typically natural resources, collaboratives, working groups, stakeholder groups, or really anything relating to natural resources, facilitation, and collaboration," with the goal of supporting the lead facilitator. 

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Will Benkelman




Alumni Highlight: Amber Reimondo

Amber Reimondo is currently the Energy Director of the Grand Canyon Trust. She received her Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Environment and Natural Resources before moving on to graduate school. She believes "One of the things that stands out for me that I got from the Haub School is the emphasis on the interdisciplinary nature of conservation work... Environmentalism is just an awareness of a multitude of disciplines." Amber's advice to current students includes keeping an open mind in your studies. There are so many opportunities during your time at the Haub School as well as opening doors to a future career, take your time to explore! 

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Amber Reimondo



Alumni Highlight: Alejandro Jimenez Vazquez

Alejandro Jimenez Vazquez, Outdoor Recreation & Tourism Management (ORTM) with a concentration in Cultural & International Tourism, '23. Originally from Jackson, WY, and recipient of the Haub School Outstanding Graduate Award. Alejandro is now a Park Ranger in Denali National Park, where he focuses on outdoor youth education and community engagement for the surrounding areas of Denali as well as other communities within the state.

Read the full interview with Alejandro Jimenez Vazquez


Alejandro with his dog




Alumni Highlight: Video with Joe Riis

Joe Riis, Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and Management and Environment and Natural Resources, ’08, reflects on how the Haub School prepared him for a life traveling the world as a wildlife photojournalist.

View the video with Joe Riis


Joe Riis screenshot of video



Alumni Highlight: Manasseh Franklin

Hear Haub School student Manasseh Franklin describe her amazing grad school project exploring glaciers across North America and writing stories about them.

View the video with Manasseh Franklin

Manasseh smiling 








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