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There are a number of ways that you can get involved with the College of Law and the Office of Career Services and Professional Development. We are always in need of guest speakers and lecturers, career path guides, mentors, panelists, and more! Check out some of the ways you can get involved and contact us!
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Mentorship Opportunities

Legal Liftoff

legal liftoff logoLegal Liftoff is a mentorship program conducted over the course of an academic break. The intention is to provide the student, or mentee with a possible mentor into the future, and for a supervisor, or mentor to allow a student the opportunity to observe real world practice and provide a discussion of various issues.

The program aims to provide students with an opportunity to develop professional skills, and for mentors to develop positive early practice protocols with young professionals who are just beginning their legal journey.

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Speed Mentoring

Our students springboard into the legal market with little to no professional legal exposure. This program aims to teach students how to talk to attorneys effectively and grow their professional presence. The College of Law hosts a speed mentoring event each year in which small groups of students can meet with individuals in a speed dating-style Q & A session. This opportunity allows you to impart pearls of wisdom upon the students in a one time session. This is a great option if you want to help guide students but have limited time to commit. 

ALPS Attorney Match

ALPS Attorney Match allows lawyers from all walks of the profession to create a profile and build a network of other attorneys with shared interests. This may include attorneys nearing retirement looking for a successor or an associate attorney within a firm that is hanging up a shingle and is seeking advice on starting a solo practice.ALPS

Guest Speaking Opportunities

The Office of Career Services and Professional Development is always looking for volunteer guest speakers for various events through the year. Come as a solo speaker, serve on a comprehensive panel of speakers, or in a small breakout group. Topics can range from professional development, business practices and start up, career path choices, clerkships, private practice vs. public interest, etiquette, and more! 

Practice Area Expertise

The Office of Career Services provides multiple practice area pamphlets to our students. Often students are interested in speaking with someone actually in that practice area. If you are interested in serving as a resource that student can reach out to regarding a specific area of the law, please sign up!

Mock Interviews

Help our students prepare for future interviews by giving them a safe space in which to practice their interview techniques. We will offer these opportunities in conjunction with other events on campus, such as law week, conferences, and CLEs.

Competition Judges

As part of the strong experiential learning components of the College of Law, our students participate in mock trial, negotiations, voir dire, and client counseling competitions throughout the year. We invite you to provide feedback to our competitors.

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