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Library Coaches: A Peer Mentor Program

Library coaches Here to help you!

Library Coaches can help you with your research questions, both online or in-person. They are students like you, and are prepared to help you find quality information about a topic for your course or curiosity, find background information, or answer questions about the Libraries.

Library Coaches in Action

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Library Coaches are available by appointment only.
Appointments are welcome in person. Online appointments are also available.

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Aralynn Juarez -- Library Coach

Mechanical Engineering | Junior

Hi, my name is Aralynn. I am from Casper, WY and am working towards my bachelors in mechanical engineering with a minor in Honors. I have experience working with many different types of subjects and topics, so feel free to make an appointment. I’d love to answer any questions you have or help get you in touch with helpful resources. 


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Elena Payne -- Library Coach

Statistics | Junior

I'm from Laramie, WY, and outside of statistics and research I enjoy nutrition/health, outdoorsing, and video games.  Research can be fun but daunting; breaking it into steps makes it feel more doable. Please reach out if you want help getting started or have any questions!


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Library Coaches, part of the UW Libraries' Peer Mentor Program, are trained to answer questions about the library and teach students how to use research resources. If you have students that may benefit from library services or additional support with research assignments we encourage you to refer them to a Library Coach. 

Suggested syllabus language about the program: UW Libraries’ Library Coaches can help with your research questions, understanding library resources as well as questions about utilizing the Libraries. Visit their webpage to see walk-in desk hours or to schedule an appointment.


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Program Goals:

The University of Wyoming Libraries developed this Peer Mentor Program to provide meaningful employment opportunities that help students learn advanced research techniques, strengthen communication skills, and gain resume-building work experience. Library Coaches primarily assist undergraduate students with questions about the libraries and answer basic research questions.  

Library Coaches Develop Transferable Professional and Academic Skills By:

  • Discovering research strategies and library resources they can use to enhance their own academic performance and lifelong pursuits.
  • Gaining mentoring experience, improved communication skills, and confidence by guiding fellow undergraduates.
  • Acquiring experience with teaching by assisting Librarians with instruction or co-leading workshops. 
  • Assisting Librarians with advancing program goals through participation in outreach.  
  • Making a lasting contribution to the UW Libraries and campus by representing students in discussions on improving the libraries.

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