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STEP will be closed for Spring Break, March 10-17th

Free Tutoring

The STEP Tutor Center is UW's primary tutor center. We offer free tutoring in select classes, mostly at the 1000 and 2000 level. 

  • Coe Library - one-on-one appointments (30 or 45 minutes). We are open Mondays-Thursdays 4-9pm. Make an appointment on the Penji app.
  • Washakie - appointments available (one-on-one tutoring not guaranteed; students may be working in small groups) and "drop-in tutoring" in Penji in select classes. We are open Sunday-Wednesday 6-10 pm. 

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To learn more about tutoringsee our centers & classes, visit our FAQ page, or watch 📺Virtual Tour

Welcome to STEP!

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    Supplemental Instruction

    Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a series of out-of-class study sessions led by a student who has successfully taken the class before.  It's a great way to practice the material and work with other students to learn the content.  SI works best if you attend the whole semester, not just before exams.  

    Get more info on SI, including classes & how to attend!

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    Study Buddies

    On the Navigate App

    Study groups are a great way to not only enhance your own studying and learning but also make important connections to your peers! 

    Join or create a Study Buddy group for your class in the Navigate app.

    Log on to Navigate

    or download the app:

    apple store link play store link


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    Online Tutoring

    TutorMe is online, subject-based tutoring (e.g., help with "chemistry" not necessarily "CHEM 1020"). UW subscribes to this service. 

    Free for UW students.  Access TutorMe (login with your UWYO credentials)  

    • Meet with a Live Tutor
    • Paper Center

    ⚠️We recommend trying our UW centers first, though TutorMe offers some different subject tutoring than is available on campus. 


More Tutor Centers

The Center for Assistance with Statistics and Mathematics (CASM), offers free, in-person, drop-in (no appointment needed) tutoring for students who are looking for mathematics or statistics help.  Our tutors are qualified to help students enrolled in most math and stats courses up to the 3000 level. Located in Ross Hall, Room 29.

Generally, if a student wants math or statistics tutoring during the DAY they will go to CASM. If they want tutoring during EVENING hours they will go to STEP.


The Writing Center’s mission is to help all members of the UW community (whether student, faculty, or staff) to become more effective and confident writers. The Center can help with all types of academic and work-related writing, and assist at all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming to revising a final draft.


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The Modern & Classical Language Laboratory is a vital multi-media resource that can aid you significantly in acquiring your target language. The lab units see their most intensive use in first-year instruction in German, Spanish, French, and Japanese although students from all levels of language instruction are encouraged to utilize the language lab facilities.


Schedule an Appointment on the Penji App

Help with general chemistry lecture, labs, and discussions. Drop-in only. 


The Oral Communication Center can:

  • Help to alleviate fears of speaking in public
  • Help practicing speeches with an audience in a classroom setting
  • Provide feedback from knowledgeable staff
  • Instructional videos on speechmaking process
  • Video tape practices for self-reflection
  • Provide one on one tutoring
  • Topic brainstorming
  • Organizational structure
  • Outline creation


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Ask a Librarian! Librarians at Coe can help with:

  • Research paper or project
  • Starting your research or narrowing down sources
  • Using or creating a digital collection
  • Developing your digital scholarship


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Academic Coaching

Offered through ACES, Academic Coaching can help with: 

  • Adding/Dropping Classes
  • Advising Prep
  • Breaking Bad Habits
  • Class Withdrawals
  • Exam Prep
  • Managing Finals
  • Navigating UW
  • Note Taking
  • Staying Motivated
  • Textbook Reading
  • Time Management
  • Tutoring Resources

ACES offers free individual appointments! The best way to make an appointment is over the phone by calling 307-766-2398. ACES hours are 8am-5pm Monday-Friday.


More Resources

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    Office Hours

    Your Best Resource

    Who better to help you be successful in class than your instructor? From offering strategies for studying and note-taking to clarifying concepts and content, office hours are hands down your best resource on campus.

    Make a habit early and often to visit instructor's office hours - if their scheduled hours do not work for you, most instructors offer appointments. You should be able to find office hour information on your class syllabus.

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    Cowboy Coaches

    Peer Mentor Program

    The Cowboy Coaches peer-mentoring program is made up of current students. They bring a deep understanding and perspective to newer students who may need a little extra help, friendship or mentoring.  
    These mentors are matched with students based on a variety of traits including areas of study, personality, social factors and more. Coaches receive a high level of training to ensure each mentor can take a solution-based and empathetic approach when working with their peers. Cowboy Coaches are supervised by Student Success & Graduation staff in the event a student is in crisis and requires additional resources from licensed professionals.

    Find a mentor here

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    A-Z Index

    Directory of Resources

    Our A-Z directory connects you with a ton of academic and personal support resources!

    Still need help? 

    It is STEP policy to speak to students directly regarding their requests for academic help.Students should email STEP from their UWYO email account with any questions. 

    STEP does not provide ad hoc tutoring for classes. We cannot provide tutors or tutoring for classes outside our posted class list

    Contact Us


Contact Us

Jess Willford
Manager, STEP Tutor Center
It is STEP policy to speak to students directly regarding their requests for academic help. Students should email STEP from their UWYO email account with any questions.
STEP does not provide ad hoc tutoring for classes. We cannot provide tutors or tutoring for classes outside our posted class list.
Phone 307-766-4354