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The University of Wyoming Libraries are committed to making our services, facilities, and collections accessible and safe to all UW students, faculty, staff, and visiting researchers. Where spaces or resources present barriers, library employees are available to assist with reasonable requests. Please stop by, call, or email the help desk at the branch library where you need assistance:
If you have concerns about the accessibility of library services or spaces, the help desk can direct you to the appropriate person to receive and address your concerns. Our university partners who provide additional support to students, faculty, staff, and community members with disabilities include:

The exterior main entrance of Coe Library.
Building Accessibility: Coe Library
The entrance to Coe Library is on the north side, near the northeast corner of the building. The door is convenient to the express shuttle stop and employee and visitor parking (with designated accessible spaces).
Elevators near the main entrance provide access to book stacks and study areas on Levels 1-5. Additional elevators are located in the central and west parts of Coe Library. The west elevator goes only to Levels 1-4.
Aisles in book stacks are ADA-compliant. If you need assistance retrieving items from the shelves, please ask at the help desk. Users often move chairs, tables, and portable whiteboards. Please let library staff know if furniture is blocking access to shelves or other areas.
Study tables and/or carrels are available on all levels; Levels 3 and 4 are designated quiet study floors. Height-adjustable tables with scanners are available on Level 2. Study rooms are available for individual use. Please reserve study rooms in advance using the online reservation system or by contacting the Help Desk at (307) 766-3109 or email Library Circulation. Computer Labs in Coe Library are managed by University Information Technology.
Restrooms and Water Fountains: An All Gender & Family restroom is available on Level 1 located near Digital Collections and the STEP Tutoring Center. An additional All Gender restroom is available on Level 2 by the Help Desk. Most water fountains on the east side of the building are accessible and water refill stations are available on Level 2 and 5.

Birdseye view of the Geology Library and Geology building.
Building Accessibility: Branch Libraries

Accessible entrances to the Geology building are the museum entrance at the southeast corner (when the museum is open). The west entrance to the Earth Sciences building via sloped sidewalk and power-activated doors provides access to the atrium connecting Earth Sciences to the Geology building. The Geology Library does not have an elevator. Library staff will retrieve items as needed.
The Learning Resource Center is on the second floor of the College of Education building (Room 222). The southwest entrance (off of Prexy's Pasture) has a ramp and power-activated door. The north entrance near the Education Annex has a power-activated door. The elevator to access the second floor is near the north entrance; accessible restrooms are near the southwest entrance.
Neither the Geology or College of Education buildings have all-gender or family restrooms. The Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion maintain a list of all unisex and family restrooms on campus. In addition, single-use family/gender-neutral restrooms can be found at these locations.
University Disability Support Services also maintains information about building accessibility at UW. Please see their Building Accessibility Guide for additional information about the buildings where branch libraries are located. For additional support at our other branches and spaces, please contact the Help Desk or the branches/spaces directly.


In the event of a fire or other emergency, elevators will not operate. Follow exit signs to stairwells, which are areas for rescue for individuals unable to use the stairs.

Parking, Event Accommodations & Service Animals

Any student, faculty or staff with a temporary or permanent state disability placard is eligible to purchase a disability parking permit. A state placard or proof of a disability license plate must be presented to Transportation Services as verification. A university Disability or Temporary Disability permit, in conjunction with a state disability placard or disability license plate, allows a vehicle to park in accessible, Gold, Brown, Orange, Red, Purple, or Green spaces.
  • The east side of the Wyoming Union, north of Coe Library (closest accessible parking to the entrance)
  • Designated accessible permit spaces on 13th St., west end of Coe Library 
  • Cooper House lot south of Coe Library, 14th and Ivinson
  • Ivinson Parking Garage (between 10th & 11th on Ivinson)
  • Lot north of the Education Building. (off Lewis St., near 15th)
  • Lot north of Geology and Engineering buildings (off Lewis St. near 11th St.)
See a parking map and more information about accessible parking and obtaining permits from Transit and Parking Services.

Options for visitors include:
  • Accessible spaces on the east side of the Wyoming Union, at 13th & Ivinson (Knight Hall loop), and the Cooper House parking. Some accessible spaces require both a state disability placard and a UW permit. See Transit and Parking Services website on accessible parking for more information. 
  • Free remote parking south of campus at 15th and Spring Creek and east of campus at 30th and Willett. Express shuttles equipped with wheelchair lifts and tie-downs run every 6-8 minutes (weekdays during the academic year). Shuttle stop is near Coe Library.
  • After 5 p.m. and on weekends, permit parking is not enforced in lots by Coe Library and the Geology Library (including the Cooper lot and Ivinson parking garage). Parking in designated accessible spaces is enforced at all times. See UW parking regulations for additional information.
Please see Transpark pages for parking mapsshuttle information, and paratransit services.

Event Accommodations

If students, faculty, staff, or community members need accommodations for attending events hosted by UW Libraries, please contact the Libraries Dean's Office for reasonable requests made in a timely manner. 

Service Animals

UW Libraries welcome persons with disabilities accompanied by their service animal, in compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). A service animal is defined as a dog or miniature horse that has been individually trained to perform work or tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disability. ADA protections do not apply to emotional support animals in public spaces, even if the owner has been granted accommodation in University or other housing under the Fair Housing Act.

Individuals with non-service animals will be asked to remove those animals from the library. Animals who are not trained as service animals can pose risks to service animals and the individuals who rely on them, as well as other library users. Library personnel may also ask any individual with a service animal that causes physical damage or threatens the safety of others to remove the animal from the library, in accordance with university policy and ADA regulations.

For questions or concerns about policies or regulations regarding service or emotional support animals, please contact University Disability Support Services.

C-Pen being used with a manual by patronBelkin device stand being used to magnify textVideo magnifier being used.
Assistive Technology at Coe Library
Assistive technology (AT) is a device or solution that enhances an individual's ability to live, play, or work independently. AT can be a device, tool, or adaption that supports a person when participating in everyday activities and settings. With this assistance, library resources become more accessible to users who previously may have had only limited access. All assistive technology at Coe Library is provided courtesy of Wyoming Assistive Technology Resources (WATR).
C-PENS® convert text to speech in multiple languages. C-PENS are available for 4-hour checkout for use within Coe Library.
Coe Library has an assistive technology station with a Freedom Scientific video magnifier. The magnifier adjusts size and contrast of printed text. It does not include an option to save magnified text. The station can be raised or lowered for viewing in comfort.
Coe Library also offers an assistive technology station with a Belkin device stand. The stand supports a tablet or smartphone to allow for resizing and saving images of text. Both the stand and the table can be raised and lowered for viewing ease.
Coe Library also has a KIC scanner that has text to voice conversion feature.

Research Support & Materials Accessibility 

Please ask at the Help Desk for assistance with any of the following: 
  • Searching the library catalog for books or media by title or topic
  • Accessing databases for researching a topic
  • Determining availability and locations of books or articles from citations
  • Reading call numbers
  • Getting directions for locating library materials or room numbers
  • Retrieving library materials from the shelves if they are too high, too low, difficult to read call numbers, or present other barriers to access
  • Scheduling appointments with librarians for in-depth research assistance
  • Designating a proxy to check out and renew items in your behalf - complete a Proxy Authorization form (PDF)
  • Using assistive technology or the KIC scanner to facilitate use of print materials (Coe Library)
  • UW Libraries and Disability Support Services are able to provide additional scanning services as determined to be appropriate for individuals with disabilities. 
InterLibrary Loan, Prospector & Hold For Me

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) can be used by UW students, faculty, and staff to request:
  • Physical materials from libraries worldwide, including audiobooks and large print books.
  • Request scans of print articles or books chapters from items in the UW Libraries collections (in compliance with copyright law)
  • Request electronic materials from other libraries, including articles and eBooks. 
  • ILL FAQs and ILL Tutorial
Our Prospector/MOBIUS service can also be used by UW students, faculty, and staff to request:
  • Physical materials from libraries in Colorado and other neighboring states, including audiobooks and large print books.
  • Request electronic materials from other libraries, including eAudiobooks, eBooks, and streaming videos. 
Hold for Me is available to all library patrons to: 
  • Deliver print materials from one branch library to another for more convenient pickup
  • Have items pulled from the stacks and held at the branch library most convenient to you
  • Hold for Me FAQS
Note that requests for pulling or scanning print items may take a day or longer, and Coe Library is open more hours than our other branches. Please plan accordingly. 

Website Accessibility

In support of our commitment to accessibility, ensuring compliance and adherence to web accessibility is important to UW Libraries. UW Libraries strives to foster a culture that meets and exceeds the university's website accessibility policy (PDF) standards. The libraries will continue to work to implement web accessibility best practices on sites that it directly manages. To report potential barriers, please contact the Dean's Office and let us know the following information:
  • Barrier encountered
  • Describe where you encountered the problem, please provide the URL, if possible


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