Graduate Neuroscience program Education

The overarching goal of the Neuroscience Program and its faculty are to provide students with a highly competitive graduate education that promotes independent thinking, scholarly leadership, and a sense of ethical responsibility.

The following document (the Neuroscience Program Handbook) provides an overview of the: Organization of the Neuroscience Program, Admissions criteria and procedure, expectations for graduate students, and steps that lead to the Doctorate degree in Neuroscience.

The objectives are to have the student become capable of independent research and scholarship. The benchmarks reflect this progression of the student during their graduate education. Benchmarks include: 1) knowing the relevant literature and having a broad appreciation of neuroscience, 2) capability in research design and experimental techniques to address the research question, 3) proficiency at scientific writing, 4) collegiality and scientific ethics; 5) communication skills, for research presentations and teaching, 6) independence.


Note: The neuroscience graduate handbook is currently in revision.


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Neuroscience Graduate Program

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