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About the Award

One of the wonderful resources the Fay W. Whitney School of Nursing provides for faculty and staff is the Wald Award, or actually “The Wald Funding Opportunity"--dedicated to faculty and staff professional development. A successful proposal would describe a professional development opportunity and the ways in which the opportunity would benefit the applicant and the FWW School of Nursing. The award was named after Lillian Wald, an advocate and leader in public health nursing. She graduated from the New York Training Hospital for Nurses in 1891. Her work in New York City led to the development of the first public nursing system in the world, and she is considered the founder of public health nursing.

2019 Awards

So this year, TWO Wald awards of up approximately $2,500 each were presented at an annual nursing event held April 24. Scroll down to read about the two awards, the people involved, and the projects to be funded.

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.goes to David Bodily, MS, RN, CHSE; Linda Williams, MS, RN; Elizabeth Goodwin, MS, RN. 

The title of their Professional Development Proposal

BSNC [BSN Completion] Program Faculty to attend a spring 2019 Professional Conference titled, "Education Reimagined: A Joint Conference Presented by OLC and MERLOT. Subtitle: "Moving Mountains in Digital, Blended, and Online Learning."


This award was granted to three faculty who are doing everything they can to make online/digital learning top-notch! So if you are looking to continue your education through a distance program with UW Nursing, you can look forward to forward-thinking faculty, who are striving to make your education a great experience.

.faculty said, "With the roll-out of the new BSN Completion Program and all the course development we have been doing and will continue to do, the conference sessions will challenge our teaching and learning paradigms, help us reimagine the learning experience, and help us form ideas on what the innovative online classroom of tomorrow should look like. What we learn will be immediately applicable."


  • Bodily says, "This was a meeting of people involved in Online Education, who were there to share their wealth of experience and to share new ideas. I attended to see how people organized online education programs and managed personnel and curriculum. It was exciting to hear the similarities and differences with so many other distance programs. Also there were some new technologies and methods that were delightful."

  • Williams comments, "It was so refreshing to get away and gather with hundreds of online educators and instructional designers in Denver. The Online Learning Consortium and MERLOT partnership put on an amazing conference that had a variety of innovative sessions involving teaching, learning and technology. There was something for everyone!"

Congrats to these three faculty, and a big THANKS to them for going to great lengths to make online learning meet YOUR needs!

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Award #2. 

.goes to Rachel Thomas, MS, RN, CNE, CEN, SANE-A

The title of Thomas' Professional Development Proposal

Certification for Healthcare Simulation Educator


This faculty member displays the passion UW Nursing faculty have not only for teaching students about nursing, but for going to all lengths to be the best they can be, to think outside the box in order to better help students understand the complexities of healthcare.  


.she says she applied for a WALD award to assist with tuition towards her education and training in the Certification for Healthcare Simulation Education (CHSE) program at Boise State University. The graduate level program in which she is now enrolled is delivered over three semesters and consists of nine total credit hours. She began the program "in an effort to advance my knowledge and expertise in simulation education," says Thomas. "Due to curricular revision, the number of clinical simulation hours have increased in the BRAND program, and it is critical to the overall learning outcomes that simulation education not only be meaningful and fun, but that each scenario is written and facilitated in compliance with the International Association of Clinical Simulation and Learning (INACSL) standard and guidelines."


Thomas continues, "The guidelines promote and ensure that scenarios are written to meet/exceed the activity’s objectives, provide a safe learning environment in which students are allowed and encouraged to make mistakes while advancing their clinical reasoning and judgement, present each case with as much realism as possible by staging appropriate moulage, and offer a thoughtful debriefing strategy that encourages critical self-reflection of performance and assists each student in setting personal learning goals moving forward."


"With this knowledge and certification," shares Thomas, "I plan to continue writing scenarios and amend existing scenarios using a standardized template developed by INACSL, and then develop a simulation database/library of scenarios that can be utilized by all faculty members in the content areas of acute and chronic illness, pediatrics, obstetrics, geriatrics and behavioral health. With a simulation scenario shared database, any faculty member can easily access a variety of scenarios that can be used to help enhance student knowledge and performance in preparing for tests or to provide a hands-on activity to assist any student struggling in hands-on skills or developing clinical reasoning."


.To Rachel Thomas, for thinking ahead and desiring to be the best you can be to best serve the students and faculty at UWFWWSON!


Posted 06/03/2019

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