Morgan Lu on "Basic BSN"

Student Feedback

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Senior student Morgan Lu is exuberant in all she does, whether running in the "BolderBoulder" or studying to become a nurse! In the article below, Morgan gives feedback as to why she chose to come to the University of Wyoming for nursing. and what surprised her the most about the on-campus "Basic BSN" nursing program.

Why Wyoming for Nursing?

UW is unique," says Morgan, "in that people take time to invest in you, your situation, and desire to see you succeed. I cannot remember who I talked to on the phone regarding my decision to transfer from a different university to UW, but it was a faculty member from the Fay W. Whitney nursing school, and whoever it was patiently stayed on the phone with me as I verbally processed all my concerns and worries regarding credit transfers, nursing school admittance, etc. Now that I have been at UW for 3.5 years now, I could not imagine going anywhere else."

Morgan continues: "Those who say, 'Laramie has nothing to do' have not been here. UW feels safe, you feel known here, and the faculty believe in you. I love UW because of the big state school feel—with athletics, events, concerts, etc.—but with the small town courtesy and care. You would have to put in great effort to be invisible/unknown here than to be known. People care here."

What surprised you the most about the program?

"The nursing faculty surprised me the most!" says Lu. "In my freshman/sophomore years of college before acceptance into the nursing program, I heard that nursing school is so hard and that it becomes your life. Now—although this is partially true—I assumed that the faculty were the ones making the program so hard. I was scared of them for some reason, but once I was accepted, I saw my assumptions were wrong. The program is difficult yes, but that is simply due to the nature of the material we are learning! As nurses, we need to know our stuff! We hold a lot of responsibility and when we begin working as nurses, we hold people's lives in our hands. Therefore, the program is difficult because of the material."

Morgan continues."Now, the faculty are incredible.They blow me away. It is clear they truly want every single one of their students to succeed. You are known here. Faculty love to hear about your life, what you did on weekends, how you are struggling, how they can help. They are our biggest fans. They allow us to ask question after question, speak our opinions, and at times disagree with them. They have been patient enough to walk me through concepts I do not understand or am having a hard time with. Entering the clinical nursing realm becomes less intimidating knowing the faculty are on your side, supporting you."


Article posted 01/17/2019

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