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The University of Wyoming procurement card is a VISA credit card available for full time faculty, staff, and graduate research/teaching assistants. Pooled position employees are not eligible for procurement cards. The procurement card provides a more expedient process for purchasing goods for departments. The P-Card is intended to be used as an additional method for purchasing goods, not as a replacement for purchase orders. Purchases made with a P-Card must be in accordance with federal, state, and university statutes, regulations, policies and procedures. Additional information on P-Card usage is available in the Procurement Card Policies and Procedures manual on the Financial Affairs website


Individual P-Cards

  • Issued in the individual’s name

  • Individual responsible for all card activity and ensuring transactions are reconciled

  • Individual can delegate another employee to reconcile transactions within WyoCloud

  • Used for any expense that falls under the allowable items within the Procurement Card Policies & Procedures Manual unless restricted by the college/department

  • Monthly limit of $7,500 and transaction limit of $4,999

Department/Lab P-Cards

  • Issued in Department Name or Lab's Name

  • Works well for labs or departments with employees who don’t purchase items often and don’t need a permanent individual card

  • Tied to an individual in WyoCloud for reconciling within 30 days

  • Labs and Departments may request multiple cards for their area

  • Check out process managed by the individual tied to the card in WyoCloud

  • *Cannot* be used for travel expenses

  • Used for purchasing goods/services on behalf of the department

  • Monthly limit of $7,500 and transaction limit of $4,999

Travel (Ghost) Cards

  • This is a “ghost card” in that there is no physical card, just a number on a paper sheet

  • Each department may have one central travel card in the department’s name

  • Tied to an individual in WyoCloud for reconciling. This individual is responsible for the validity of the purchases so the travel card should be limited to who has access to the card

  • Used *only for* travel expenses: hotel, commercial transportation, baggage fees, etc. 

  • For employees to use who don’t travel often, but occasionally and don’t need an individual card

  • The Travel Card can be used by a Travel Agent or on the Internet (Please ensure, in advance, that a supplier will accept the “ghost” travel card. The Procurement department can provide an authorization letter to the supplier if necessary, on a case-by-case basis)

  • Monthly limits start at $15,000 and there is no transaction limit



To apply for any of the above P-Cards, an individual must request the card through their department. If the appropriate approval authority (i.e. department head, director, dean, AVP, VP, or President) deems it necessary for the individual or department to have a card, a completed Procurement Card Form (individual, dept/lab, or travel) must be submitted to Procurement Services at

Once Procurement Services reviews the P-Card agreement, training will either be verified or the applicant will receive training instructions via email. After the individual completes training and signs the cardholder agreement signifying successful completion, Procurement will issue/order the card. New cards are shipped to the department address found on the submitted P-Card agreement.

The Procurement Services department is committed to purchasing practices and policies that are compliant, responsible and appropriately support the university's goals and mission. Accordingly, those who are making purchases on behalf of or doing business with the university, must follow the applicable purchasing policies and guidelines as well as the Bid/Threshold Policy and the Travel Policy. P-Cards may be used for purchases (of $4,999 or less) as long as the purchase does not require a signed agreement and is not specifically prohibited.

Processing transactions in a timely manner is important to ensure expenditures are correctly reported. P-Card expenses should be reconciled and approved as soon as possible after charges are incurred, but no later than 30 days after charges are posted to your account.  Failure to complete reconciliation and approvals within 30 days of transactions may result in temporary suspension of your card

Cardholders who do not comply with university policies and procedures may have their University of Wyoming cardholder privileges revoked. Misuse of the P-Card may result in disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment.

For more detailed information, not limited to allowable expenses, usage guidance, purchase restrictions and limits, please refer to University of Wyoming Procurement Card Policies and Procedures.



  • Keep the P-Card secure. Lending or sharing of an individual PCard is not allowed.

  • Never send P-Card account number via text, email, messaging, etc.

  • Never save the P-Card account number as a default or saved payment method for any website.

  • Follow policies related to originating transactions and understand the university's policy and guidance.

  • Obtain the original itemized sales documents for all and attach all sales documents to the related Expense Item(s) in WyoCloud.

  • Reconcile P-Card transactions in the Expense Module should be done regularly throughout the month. *Cardholder can assign delegate if appropriate to reconcile on their behalf. 

  • All P-Card transactions must be reconciled within 30 days of the posted date. P-Cards with transactions that have not been reconciled within 30 days of the posted date will be temporarily suspended until those transactions in question are reconciled, and the Expense Report submitted, approved by all required approver, and paid.  

  • Immediately report fraudulent charges or a lost or stolen card to Procurement Services

  • Upon termination, notify Procurement Services and shred card. Process all outstanding expenses in WyoCloud

Procurement Administrator/Procurement Department

  • Interact with the bank to issue new cards and approve card limits for individuals.

  • Terminate cards (voluntarily or involuntarily).

  • Educate new cardholders on responsibilities and obtain signed agreement forms from cardholders.

  • Assist departments in resolving errors, disputes, returns and credits with suppliers (if initial attempts by the department are unsuccessful).

  • Notify the department head/appropriate authority concerning misuse of the P-Card.

Payment Services

  • Conduct audit reviews of cardholder transactions.

  • Perform all final processes to create a payment to the bank.


Cardholders are expected to keep their P-Cards properly secured at all times. The only person authorized to use an individual P-Card is the person to whom the P-Card is issued. Lending or sharing of Individual P-Cards is not allowed. A department P-Card is designed to be used by authorized members of a department who have an occasional need for a P-Card. The department P-Card coordinators control and is responsible for the distribution of the department P-Card to designated individuals. Sharing of the department P-Card account number is prohibited.

P-Card holders should take appropriate measures to ensure that P-Card information is not saved/stored when using the card to make online purchases. Many online retailers store credit card information. Users of the card should take care to delete stored P-Card information on online sites after completing a business purchase.  This may help minimize the risk of breach-related compromise of the card number and inadvertent/accidental use of the P-Card for a personal purchase.

Reporting Lost or Stolen P-Card

In the event that a PCard is lost or stolen, the cardholder should:

  • Immediately contact UMB bank by calling 1-888-494-5141

  • Verify recent activity to ensure there are no fraudulent transactions.

  • Then notify Procurement Services via email that your card was lost/stolen

Reporting Fraudulent Charges

If you discover unauthorized charges online or on your e-statement, immediately notify Procurement Services that your card may have been compromised. The Procurement Services will work with you and the bank to reverse any fraudulent charges and issue a replacement card. Keep in mind there is a limited amount of time in which to dispute a charge (forty-five days from the date of the transaction) so be sure to follow up on all duplicate or unauthorized charges as quickly as possible.


The Purchasing Card will expire on the date (last day of the expiration month) embossed on the card and will be automatically renewed as detailed in this section.

The renewal PCard will be sent by UMB around the 12th – 15th of the expiration month via USPS standard mail. The card will be sent to the cardholder's campus address on file with UMB.

Card Cancellation by Cardholder

Cardholders who want to cancel their P-Cards should submit the request via email to The P-Card should be destroyed and disposed of upon cancellation.

It is important that all P-Card transactions be properly recorded in WyoCloud

Card Cancellation by Procurement Services

The P-Card is valid only while the cardholder is in active payroll status and while the cardholder is using the Purchasing Card in accordance with university policies. Termination notices are sent out by Human Resources on a daily basis and P-Cards will be canceled by Procurement Services if the cardholder’s last work day is within two weeks. before or on the date the employee separates from the university or due to improper use. The PCard should be destroyed and disposed of upon cancellation.


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