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Advancing Career-Focused Student Development

By developing partnerships with committed and involved sales organizations, the Center for Professional Selling has become a hub for the co-creation of opportunity and value between students and industry. Our students develop crucial hard and soft skills through numerous engagement opportunities with the Center’s industry partners who provide valuable insight and feedback to our students throughout our programs. Together we provide sales students with an innovative educational experience that helps ensure they have a competitive advantage as they enter the workforce.  


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Career-Focused Curriculum

Supportive instruction and practice enables sales students to develop the essential selling skills demanded by today’s organizations to effectively engage and develop relationships with prospective customers.

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Professional Network Development

Center programs and activities provide varied opportunities to refine networking skills and engage with the sales community to help build a network of mentors and supporters enabling opportunities and success.

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Built-in Career Opportunities

Through its corporate partnership program, the Center enables sales students to engage with selling organizations with reputable career opportunities that are committed to hiring.




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Awards and Recognition

Sales student performance is recognized and rewarded in many Center related activities both within the classroom and in competitions sponsored by its corporate partners.



National Exposure

The Center provides numerous opportunities for top sales students to participate as contestants in national selling competitions competing against the best sales students from across the country.


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Collaborative Learning 

Sales students learn how to become comfortable with being uncomfortable as experiential projects continually challenge them within a professional and collaborative environment.





Student Spotlight


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"UW Center for Professional Selling has provided me with a great network of professional and personal connections and numerous opportunities to develop and advance my selling skills. I am extremely thankful for the career fairs, networking lunches, guest speakers, and sales competitions that were not only a great way to get involved but also an amazing way to gain experience and learn outside of the classroom." 

 - Anastasia Riabova 








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Majoring in Professional Selling engages you with a career-focused curriculum where knowledge and skills are gained through experiential activities alongside industry experts. This Major is designed to develop skills in key areas demanded by today’s employers so you are prepared for job opportunities and future success.   


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graduation cap iconProfessional Selling Minor

Acquiring a Minor in Professional and Technical Selling will expand your future opportunities for employment. Combining your technical degree with the knowledge and selling skills you will develop in the Minor will enable you to better communicate ideas while creating access to rewarding technical selling careers in your field. 


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Game Plan

We work with our corporate partners to develop competitions that allow students to improve their communication and presentation skills, develop their professional networks, and refine their selling skills through experiential learning. 


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Speech Bubbles

We provide every sales student with opportunities to reinforce, refine, and contextualize the capabilities and skills acquired in class through selling workshops, selling competitions, mock interviews, and networking events.  


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Putting Your Skills to Work



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We leverage our corporate partnerships to connect students with organizations that help them grow into their sales career. 


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