2017 LAMP Summer Institute


group picture of 2017 - 2018 faculty and graduate student fellows

The 2nd annual Science Initiative Summer Institute was held during the first week of June, 2017 at the UW-NPS AMK Research Center in the Grand Teton National Park. The beautiful setting promoted focus, collaboration and reflection. Feedback from attending fellows:


“It is a whole new world about how to teach and make an impact in student lives.”
“This is one of the first times in the last decade that I have truly felt like I grew as an individual and as a teacher.I found it to truly be amazing and a time of renewal for me as faculty and my approach to my classroom. ” (CC administrator)
"We wish to participate every year.”

2017-2018 Faculty and Graduate Student Fellows

  • Sridhar Budhi (Chemistry at EWCC)

  • Ali Darzi (Electrical Engineering)

  • Kristin Di Bona (Molecular Biology)

  • Reilly Dibner (Environment and Natural Resources)

  • Mariah Ehmke (Agricultural & Applied Economics)

  • Derek Hand (Physics & Astronomy)

  • Caleb Hill (Chemistry)

  • Lynne Ipina (Mathematics)

  • Dinesh Kasti (Mathematics and Statistics at EWCC)

  • Trina Kilty (Secondary Science Education)

  • Marina Lazic (Molecular Biology)

  • Stephanie Mapes (Physics & Astronomy)

  • Amanda Patrick (Geology)

  • Eric Quade (Mathematics)

  • Amy Rhoad (Veterinary Sciences)

  • William Rice (Physics & Astronomy)

  • Lauren Schmidt (Botany)

  • Jacqueline Shinker (Geography)

  • Kerry Sondgeroth (Veterinary Sciences)

  • Jessica Sutter (Physics & Astronomy)

  • Rebecca Upjohn (Ecosystem Science and Management)

  • Richard Vercoe (Geography)

  • Ami Wageline (Biology at LCCC)

  • Chen Xu (Geography)