2019 LAMP Summer Institute

group photo of 2019 - 2020 LAMP fellows


June 13, 2019 – Twenty-three educators from the University of Wyoming and three Wyoming community colleges completed intensive active learning training last week at Sheridan College. This Summer Institute is the kick-off event for a yearlong, immersive program facilitated by the Learning Actively Mentoring Program (LAMP), one of the Science Initiative's signature programs.

The theme for the Summer Institute was Transformative Learning and educators engaged in mock active learning sessions so that they could experience Team-based Learning (TBL) and other forms of active learning in an authentic way. On the final evaluation, one educator commented, " Everything that was talked about was also demonstrated. It would have been one thing to tell us about team based learning, but you showed us how by getting us involved in an actual TBL activity."

Amongst the group of 23 educators were 16 instructors from four University of Wyoming Colleges: Arts & Sciences, Health Sciences, Agriculture and Natural Resources and Engineering. These participants were joined by six community college colleagues from LCCC, NWC and Sheridan College. 


LAMP Fellows engaged in team based learning


In addition to learning effective ways to implement active learning into their classes, Summer Institute participants also learned about the scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) which is the practice of systematically studying the effectiveness of active learning strategies implemented in classrooms. On the final anonymous survey, one participant commented:

... I have to say that I feel really energized and ready to rock teaching next semester. My engagement with and sense that I've benefited from this seminar is several times higher than the best seminar I've attended in the past. I'm SOLD on SoTL; I feel like I've found a home I've been looking for. Yes, this sounds super enthusiastic (and therefore suspicious). But, I'm feeling it for realz.

Thank you. I cannot thank you enough. You all created a space that made it safe and possible for me to go through this big personal transition re. teacherly excitement.

LAMP director Rachel Watson commented, "Transformative learning is defined as changing the very essence of what we know. It is important that we facilitate transformative learning for our state-wide educators because changing from traditional passive (lecture) methods to evidence-based, active learning practices requires a fundamental change in how we teach. In order to facilitate transformative learning for educators and encourage them to seek this for their students as well, we engaged them in reflective dialogue every day. This is an essential element of deeply internalizing the learning that we have done."

On the parting comment section of the evaluation, one participant offered, " Thank you, Rachel and everyone else for creating a transformative week!"

External and internal mentors facilitated the reflective dialogue and offered subject-matter expertise. External mentors were Ferlin McGaskey, assistant Director of the University of Tennessee (UT) Teaching and Learning Center, and Lisa Murray, Marketing Assistant Department Head at the UT Haslam College of Business, and Ed Nuhfer, (retired geologist and educational developer, expert in metacognition). Internal mentors included Janel Seeley, Christi Boggs and Thomas Stoudt (Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning), Michele Larson (Life Science Program faculty), Monia Haselhorst (NWC Biology Program faculty), Sridhar Budhi (EWC Chemistry Program faculty) and Jessica Sutter (Physics and Astronomy Graduate Student Mentor).

"Sheridan College was an excellent venue to host our annual Summer Institute. The facilities are cutting edge and our collaborator Debi Isakson is a consummate organizer. We are grateful to have had the opportunity to spend time in Sheridan," said Watson.


2019-2020 Faculty and Graduate Student Fellows


  • Rob Milne (Sheridan College Chemistry Program)
  • Tim Glatzer (NWC Math Program)
  • Deepthi Amarasuriya (NWC Physics Program)
  • Lorilyn Beck (NWC First Year Experience)
  • Rachel Hanan (NWC Science Literature)
  • Qing Du (LCCC Chemistry Program)
  • Reshmi Singh (UW Pharmaceutical Sciences/Pharmacy)
  • Jerod Merkle (UW Department of Zoology and Physiology)
  • Ellen Aikens (UW Department of Zoology and Physiology)
  • Becky Wilcox (UW Department of Zoology and Physiology and Program in Ecology)
  • Linda Van Diepen (UW Department of Ecosystem Science and Management)
  • Anna Schwyter (UW Ecosystem Science Management)
  • McKensie Harris (UW Department of Animal Science)
  • Will Bowers (UW Botany/ Program in Hydrology (WRESE))
  • Ramesh Sivanpillai (UW WyGISC)
  • Ginka Kubelka (UW Chemistry Department)
  • Debashis Dutta (UW Chemistry Department)
  • Pam Langer (UW Molecular Biology Department)
  • Tawfik Elshehabi (UW Petroleum Engineering Department)
  • Ashley Piccone (UW Physics and Astronomy Department)
  • Jason Rothenberg (UW Physics and Astronomy Department)
  • Harrison Leiendecker (UW Physics and Astronomy Department)
  • Cristilyn Gardner (UW Physics and Astronomy Department)