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Carbonates δ13C+  δ18O analysis

Carbonate samples must be ground, homogenized and well dried.  They can be sent in eppendorf tubes, cetrifuge tubes or any other leak proof vessel.  If shipping in glass vials be sure they are packaged properly.  SIF is not responsible for breakage during shipment.
Required sample size:  50 to 400ug of carbonate in sample

Gas δ13C + δ18O analysis

Samples should be submitted in airtight 12 ml Labco vials. Ensure they are packaged properly if samples are being shipped.  SIF is not responsible for breakage during shipment.
Required sample size:  CO2 conc. within 400 to 8000 ppm range

Water, dissolved inorganic carbon(DIC)  δ13C analysis

DIC samples must be shipped and submitted in air tight vials with no head space. To avoid leakage during transport you should wrap parafilm around the lid of the vial.  Vials should be properly packaged to avoid breakage during shipment.  SIF is not responsible for breakage during shipment.
Required sample size:  1mL of water

Tray Loading templates

  • The SIF tray loading template MUST be used to submit samples. Templates were updated as of August 1 2019.
  • If possible group samples of similar material together, e.g.,  enamel with enamel and plants with plants. If different types of samples e.g., enamal, bone, appetite, are all in the same tray label what type of sample they are in the loading template. 
  • Fill out only the sample Id column in the tray loading template. 
  • The sample IDs should be unique. Do not repeat sample ID names.  The names should be less than 20 characters long and cannot include special characters (e.g. ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) . / \ +.";') on the sample list. Only hyphens ( - ) are acceptable.
  • If there are any modifications to the template or the template is not used, the samples will be returned to you and will not be placed in the queue.


Job Code


Tray Loading Template


GC-IRMS, CO2 gas, δ13C

Gas Bench Gas/Water Template


GC-IRMS, CO2 gas, δ13C+δ18O


GC-IRMS, Water, δ18O


GC-IRMS, inorganic, δ13C (D.I.C)

Gas Bench Carbonate/DIC Template


GC-IRMS, inorganic, δ13C (Carbonates)


GC-IRMS, inorganic, δ13C+δ18O (Carbonates)

 I have reviewed the sample submission procedures and downloaded and filled out the proper loading template.  Please take me to the order form page.


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