Stable Isotope Facility

University of Wyoming

 Samples for δ18O and δ2H analysis

  • All water samples submitted for analysis must be free of particulates. If particulates are found in water they will be filtered and charged a $2.50 filter charge per sample. 
  • Samples must be shipped and submitted in air tight vials with no head space. To avoid leakage during transport you should wrap parafilm around the lid of the vial. 
  • For small sample amounts use appropriate small sized conical bottom vials.
  • If you ship extracted water samples in glass tubes and need part of your samples to be saved please provide us with appropriate vials.
  • If water has a salinity above 500mg/L the water will need to be run with code 023 on IRMS.

Required sample size:
100 to 500 microlitres

 Tray Loading templates

  • The SIF tray loading template MUST be used to submit samples. Templates were updated as of August 1 2019.
  • Fill out only the sample Id column in the tray loading template. 
  • The sample IDs should be unique. Do not repeat sample ID names.  The names should be less than 20 characters long and cannot include special characters (e.g. ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) . / \ +.";') on the sample list. Only hyphens ( - ) are acceptable.
  • If there are any modifications to the template or the template is not used, the samples will be returned to you and will not be placed in the queue.
  • Once template is filled out properly and saved follow the link below to be taken to the order form.

Job Code




TC/EA-IRMS, water,δ2H+δ18O

Water Template


Picarro (CRDS), water, δ2H+δ18O

I have read and reviewed sample submission protocol above and downloaded and filled out loading template.  Please take me to order form.


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