Sample Submission

Determine analysis needed by the samples price link below:

Sample Prices

For sample submission instructions and order form choose analysis type below.


Solid Samples for δ13C/δ15N/δ34S/δ18O/δ2H analysis

Water samples for δ18O and δ2H analysis

Carbonates, Gas, & DIC δ13C+  δ18O analysis


After samples have been submitted visit the portal to update contact information view, print, and forward invoices and job estimates.  

Follow Job Status link below to check the status of your job.  Filter based on PI or job number to find your job.

Job Status

Turn around times can be found in the link below.  Please contact SIF for turn around times for jobs with 500 or more samples. 

Turn Around Times

Master Technician working with samples
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