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SJRC Research Fellow, Dr. Colleen Denney, Publishes New Book

September 28th, 2021

Colleen Denney is a professor of Art History and Gender and Women’s Studies in the School of Culture, Gender and Social Justice. She has published extensively on the visual culture of women’s activism worldwide. Her new book from McFarland Press, available in paper and e-book format ( examines The Suffrage Photography of Lena Connell: Creating a Cult of Great Women Leaders in Britain, 1908-1914.

Lena Connell was one of a new breed of young professional women who took up photography at the turn of the 20th century. She ran her own studio in North London, employed only women, and make her mark on art history/suffrage history by creating compellingly modern portraits of women in the British suffrage movement. They are a class-inclusive group from factory workers, to school teachers and professors, to aristocrats.

Connell’s portraits created a new kind of visibility for these hard-working, unrelenting women, whose spirits rose above injustice. This book examines Connell’s artistic career within the Edwardian suffrage movement. All of her known portraits of suffragists through 1914 are included.

connell-book-cover-with-author.jpg     connell-book-cover.jpg

A Message from the Chief Diversity Officer: A Call to Action

June 6th, 2020

Dear UW Community:

Let us have consideration toward the members of our community who have been raised in environments that openly show or subtly condone and perpetuate hatred, intolerance and/or indifference toward people of color, immigrants, Christians, Jews, Muslims, the LGBTQIA+ community, women, the under-resourced and others who are different and/or vulnerable.

Let us have benevolence toward the victims of generations of these continued beliefs, behaviors and actions of racism, ethnocentrism, ableism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, ageism, religious discrimination, misogyny and all other types of bigotry, hate and violence.

Let us bestow our deepest compassion toward members of our community who have survived trauma or are experiencing it now because of their race, ethnicity and/or skin color, ability, religion, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, country of birth, socioeconomic status, age, etc.

Let us admit to one another that we have continued to collectively fail to raise, as a global community, better generations of human beings and to be better human beings ourselves when it comes to systematically eliminating inequity, injustice, sexual assault and all forms of violence in our homes, classrooms, residence halls, places of worship, places of employment, neighborhoods, communities, nation and world.

Tomorrow or the next generation will not bring better human beings to this earth. The generations living now will not bear or raise better generations until WE stand in solidarity and become the better human beings we long for.

If you are seeking a way to align your actions to make a positive difference right away, start with Green Dot. This is a bystander education training that aims to prevent violence with the help of bystanders. The skills developed are generalizable and can be applied in all power-based personal violence incidents, specifically sexual misconduct. Use what you learn in Green Dot and utilize other readings, workshops, trainings and opportunities to continue to learn more and do more to create authentic and sustaining positive change.

Let us all stand in solidarity as we live the UW values to interrupt, stop and eliminate inequities, injustices, sexual assault and all forms of violence today and always.  

Emily Monago, MPA, Ph.D.
Chief Diversity Officer
Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Welcome to 'The Conversation'

The Conversation, the blog of the Social Justice Research Center at the University of Wyoming, welcomes guest submissions from members of the community as well as faculty, staff, students,and scholars at the University of Wyoming and beyond. Authors should consider the following before submitting:

Tone: The Conversation should be exactly that: a respectful, engaging space to bring many voices and perspectives to a thoughtful discussion of social justice topics. Submissions considered for posting will uphold the inclusive, respectful, evidence-based, and forward-facing mission of the SJRC and the University of Wyoming. 

Length:submissions to The Conversation should be between 250-750 words. Relevant/appropriate images, video, audio, and other media are welcome for inclusion. 

Style: The Conversation is intended to be engaging, thought-provoking, accessible, and clear, while also discussing academic and research-based concepts. Our audience is a broad, thoughtful, and curious public. 

Themes: posts should share insight and information about a social justice topic, and can take many shapes, including the following -

  • Responses to and reflections on events, conferences, or relevant educational experiences
  • Discussion and analysis of academic research publications or findings
  • Reviews, discussion, and analysis of relevant popular media, long-form journalism, books, films, podcasts, etc.
  • Informational descriptions of recent research, creative activity, scholarship, or upcoming speakers/events

To be considered for posting, please email your submission with authorship information to: 

Why wait? Start your conversation!

NEWS: September 2018

SJRC Launches New Website

The Social Justice Research Center's website re-development committee (Alec Muthig, Kate Muir Welsh, David Macaulay, Wendy Martinez) spent the final months of the spring semester and the summer meeting to fully rebuild a new, revitalized, and more accessible SJRC website (  Additional updates are planned soon.  We hope that you enjoy the new site!

NEWS: September 2018

Dr. Emily Monago and Dr. Eric Teman Named Interim Co-Directors of the SJRC

As SJRC Director Dr. Kate Muir Welsh takes sabbatical, Dr. Emily Monago (UW Chief Diversity Officer) and Dr. Eric Temen (UW College of Education, SJRC Advisory Board) have been appointed interim co-directors.  Help us in welcoming the new SJRC leadership!

 Dr. Emily Monago  Dr. Eric Temen

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Social Justice Research Center

Phone: 307-766-6672


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