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University of Wyoming Data Science Center

University of Wyoming Data Science Center


The Data Science Center will provide an academic hub for data science at UW, providing the key academic component in a "UW Data Science Collaboratory" (DSC, Library, ARCC, WyGISC, WNA, Maker Space, Extension along with disciplinary partners including AHC, INBRE Data Core, WYNDD, RMH, 3D Viz, NSF WyACT, etc).

Key Roles of the Data Science Center

  • Catalyze the implementation of new Data Science programs that are broadly accessible and applicable to students across disciplinary interests and champion the inclusion of data science across existing programs.
  • Through its affiliated faculty and researchers, DSC will develop academic strength in data science that builds on prior state investments, foster multidisciplinary collaborations in data science, and pursue significant external funding in interdisciplinary and applied data science.
  • Work with other campus partners and initiatives such as WIP to help train and prepare researchers, instructional community college and K-12 staff, and the workforce in new data science skills.
  • Leverage and build on existing state investments that support data science, including NWSC, 3D Viz Lab, ARCC, etc.
  • Leverage and build on major data projects including INBRE Data Core.
  • Establish the WIP DataHub as enabling data infrastructure.
  • Work with industry partners.
  • Provide the home for appropriate partnerships and initiatives, e.g., with the Western Big Data Hub, academic open data etc.

DSC Graduate Summer School Support and Faculty Fellows

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Engineering Building, Room 4083
Dept. 3395
1000 E. University Ave.
Laramie, WY 82071
Phone: 1 (307) 766-5299

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