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Make A Reservation

Please note, all events and add-ons will be charged in accordance with the FY25 Business Fee Book. UW departments will be assessed a $25.00/hour set-up and tear-down fee for events held in the Ballrooms, Family Room, or any space that requires a set up that is not the standard. (Most events can be set up and torn down within one hour.) As the Union Events Office is student fee funded, student organizations will not be charged for space use unless they are charging admissions fees to their event(s). External organization events will be charged 50% deposits at the time your reservation is made and confirmed.


The Wyoming Union Reservations & Events Office handles reservations for the following:

  • Breezeway Tables

  • Meeting Rooms

  • Large Event Space

  • Advertising options including table tents, indoor & outdoor banner space, and sandwich boards

See our planning resource page for information on pricing and set up.

There are 4 easy ways to make a reservation for rooms or services in the Wyoming Union.

  1. Call the Events Office at (307) 766.3161.

  2. Complete the online Reservation Room Request Form.

  3. Complete the online Breezeway Table and Advertisment Space.
  4. Email unionres@uwyo.edu with the details of your request.

Fill out this form if you are hosting an event on campus or in the Union and plan to be handing out tickets:

Once you have completed this form, please print your tickets and drop them off at the Union Information Desk no later than one day before your desired distribution date.

It is helpful to have the following information as you prepare to make the reservation:

  • Name of sponsoring organization

  • Name of event

  • Ideal and alternative dates

  • If a reoccurring meeting or event, frequency of reoccurrence

  • Start and end time of event

  • Lead and follow time if needed

  • Expected attendance number

  • Desired set-up for the event  

  • AV needs 

  • Will food be served at the event/meeting? See additional resources below. Will participants pay any type of fee to attend?

    o    If yes, there will be a cost to student organizations or departments who plan the event.

  • Will the participants be primarily UW students, faculty and staff?

  o    If no, there will be a cost to student organizations or departments who plan the event.

Once you submit your request, expect a reply in 48 hours or two business days. Please note your request for a room will not be confirmed until an Events Office staff member contacts you with a confirmation.


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