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Data, Applications, and Products

WyGISC is involved in developing a variety of web-based geospatial applications. The center also creates and maintains various products including geospatial data on behalf of its clients and partners.

Wyoming Geospatial Data Hub

The Wyoming Geospatial Hub (GeoHub) is the primary site for discovering and delivering publicly accessible geospatial data about Wyoming.


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mule deer

Wyoming Migration Corridor Disturbance Viewer

This tool highlights current levels of human disturbance in Wyoming’s designated mule deer migration corridors.

Pole mountain gateways

Pole Mountain Gateways

A project designed to gather public input on the Pole Mountain Unit in advance of broad-scale Forest Service planning.

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Greater sage-grouse core area and online DDCT website. 


Natural Resource & Energy Explorer (NREX)

Supports pre-planning development considerations by enabling discovery, analysis, and assessment. 

Wyoming Water and Climate Atlas logo

Wyoming Water and Climate Atlas

Climate, weather, snowpack, stream flow, and state water development information.

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Wyoming Public Lands Initiative Information Hub

The Hub provides information and mapping resources for a multi-county legislative lands package broadly supported by public lands stakeholders in Wyoming.

Wyoming Opioid Epidemic logo

Wyoming Opioid Epidemic Information Portal

Access to maps of community resources and overdose deaths in Wyoming.

Wyoming Wildlife Risk Assessment Portal logo

Wyoming Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal

Access the Wyoming Wildfire Risk Assessment Portal (WYWRAP).

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WPLI Resource Mapping Tool

For use by Wyoming county advisory teams in evaluating and proposing public landuse recommendations as part of the Wyoming Public Lands Initiative (WPLI).

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Wyoming Water & Climate Hub

Connecting people with water and climate data for Wyoming.

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Wyoming Migration Initiative

Ungulate migration database and viewer.

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Natural resources planning and analysis tool.

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State Wildlife Action Plan (SWAP)

Species of concern & habitat analysis interactive tool.

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Wyoming Reservoir Information Tool (WyRIT)

Interactive and queryable map of oil and gas reservoirs, pipelines, and seismic exchange.

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Wyoming State Broadband Program

Measuring connectivity at any location throughout the state.

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Strategic Habitat Plan (SHP)

The SHP application provides the Wyoming Game and Fish Department with tools to plan, implement, record, and track land management strategies through time to maintain habitat values and address critical issues.

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Wyoming Student Atlas Project

Story maps which can be used in lesson plans as self-guided or instructor-guided activities.


Other Agency-Specific Applications


UW Operations Enterprise GIS

The University of Wyoming's GeoData Application Portal intended for internal planning and purposes.

Study Area Resource Request Application (SARRA)

Study Area Resource Request Application to support research cropfield planning.

Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resources Trust (WWNRT)

The Wyoming Wildlife and Natural Resource Trust Projects Viewer & Editor supports the WWNRT for project reporting and tracking.

Wyoming Archeology Research and Community Hub (WyoARCH)

Internal records tool to support archaeological records and reporting.

Grazinglands Utilization System (GUS)

The Grazing Utilization System (GUS) is a GIS application designed and developed by Wyoming NRCS and the Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WYGISC) to assist NRCS conservation planning efforts in Wyoming. GUS is designed to help planners determine livestock distribution and effective utilization of pastures concerning slope and distance from the available water source(s).

Wyoming Integrated Resource Management Analyst (IRMA-WY)

The IRMA tool is a web-based resource analysis application that allows Wyoming NRCS employees to quickly and easily assess cultural and wildlife resources.

Three Species Viewer & Editor (3S)

The 3S Tools is a data integration tool to support Roundtail chub (Gila robusta), bluehead sucker (Catostomus discobolus), and flannelmouth sucker (Catostomus latipinnis) fish species.

Inland Cutthroat Trout (ICP) Viewer & Editor

This Conservation Agreement (Agreement) has been developed to expedite implementation of conservation measures for roundtail chub (Gila robusta), bluehead sucker (Catostomus discobolus), and flannelmouth sucker (Catostomus latipinnis), referred to as the three species, throughout their respective ranges as a collaborative and cooperative effort among resource agencies.

Office of the Tribal Water Engineer, Eastern Shoshone & Northern Arapaho

The Office of the Tribal Water Engineer is committed to conserving, managing, and protecting reservation water resources for future uses by generations to come.

Wyoming Interagency Spatial Database & Online Management (WISDOM) System

WISDOM is a web-based resource analysis application that allows Wyoming Game and Fish employees to assess proposed developments in Wyoming regarding the impact on wildlife and habitat.