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Our Research

WyGISC Research & Programs

WyGISC's topics of research vary based on the disciplinary specializations and technical expertise of the personnel. Though most of our research takes place in Wyoming, there are projects that relate to regional, national, and international communities. Our research and development activities are broad, from geospatial data collection and spatial database design and development, to environmental modeling and Web-based geographic query and visualization implementations. The information we gather and distribute is used throughout academia, government, business, and the general public.  

Ongoing Research




Ecoinformatics Initiative

The Wyoming Geographic Information Science Center (WyGISC) is developing a new program in ecoinformatics in support of the campus-wide Program in Ecology. A component of a larger University of Wyoming ecology initiative funded by the National Science Foundation Experimental Program to Stimulate Competitive Research.


UW Operations GIS

Like other data related enterprise systems (e.g. WyoCloud) UW's Campus Enterprise System is a behind the scenes system that provides data to many applications and users across campus.


K-12 Outreach

WyGISC's goal is to integrate geospatial science and applications in K-12 curricula. Working with K-12 teachers we will identify opportunities across STEAM disciplines for embedding geospatial concepts, data, technology, including student and teacher training.