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Wyoming Field Guide

Browse current, Wyoming specific information, photos, and maps for species and habitats, in a Field Guide format.

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Data Explorer

Explore and download spatial data and create custom species lists for your area and species of interest. This application replaces the Wyoming Species List and the previous version of the Data Explorer.

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Species Photo Gallery

Explore photos of Wyoming plants and animals.

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Reports & Publications

Find and download reports about our projects.

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Collect & Submit Data

Submit your data on species and habitats in Wyoming, and download data collection forms and templates.

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Looking for other data or information?

Looking for other data or information not listed here?


News & Updates

Wyoming wetlands over a lake and sunset

NEW: Wyoming Wetland Data & Information

Wetlands are an important part of the Wyoming landscape. Access reports, detailed descriptions, plant lists, spatial data, methods for assessing and monitoring, and more about Wyoming's wetlands.


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