2024 Partners' Meeting


The main session was 9am – 12noon, and began with a brief review of WYNDD’s mission, personnel, and outputs by Dr. Gary Beauvais (Director).  This was followed by an update on WYNDD Information Systems and Services, with emphasis on the WYNDD Data Explorer application, by Mark Andersen (Associate Director and ISS Coordinator).  WYNDD biological program managers then provided updates on their respective programs and projects:  Bonnie Heidel (Botany), Dr. Paige Copenhaver-Parry (Ecology), Ian Abernethy (Vertebrate Zoology), and Dr. Lusha Tronstad (Invertebrate Zoology).  The WYNDD-oriented presentations drew 131 virtual participants.  The final portion of the morning session involved representatives of major partner groups – U.S. Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Wyoming Game and Fish Department (both Wildlife and Fisheries Divisions) – providing updates on their organizational priorities and initiatives, which drew about 100 virtual participants.  The morning session closed with a discussion of the importance of supplemental core funding provided by partners to WYNDD for Data Explorer access.  Such funding is vital to the maintenance and improvement of the application, which will support >24,000 data requests from partners in FY24 alone.

From 1 – 2pm Mark Andersen provided a full demonstration of the WYNDD Data Explorer, highlighting several new features and capabilities in addition to previously-available functionality.  Fifty-seven participants attended the demonstration, and the WYNDD system logged several new user-account sign-ups during the session.

From 2:30 – 3:30pm Dr. Lusha Tronstad hosted Zoom presentations on WYNDD-led research on pollinating insects, followed by a discussion about forming a Wyoming Pollinator Working Group to consolidate knowledge, facilitate access to expertise, and raise awareness of pollinator issues and research occurring in the state.  Almost all of the 33 participants voiced support for forming such a group.

From 4 – 5pm Bonnie Heidel orchestrated a series of virtual presentations on specific rare plants and how existing knowledge is used to provide conservation ranks (“S” ranks) for them.  Thirty-one people participated.    

All sessions were recorded – please use the links below to access the recordings.  And please plan to join us in 2025!

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