WyoCloud Team

The WyoCloud team provides support, innovation, and strategic visioning. This team maintains the system to ensure it stays relevant and evolves as business processes and technologies are improved.

These are a few functions the team fulfills:

  • Project management and coordination

  • System configurations

  • Business intelligence report development

  • Data analysis, visualization, validation, and coordination

Team Members

  Meredith Bickell, Senior Director   Systems Optimization & Support
  Analytics & Reporting   James Thein, Project Manager
  Carrie Behrens, Executive Business Analyst   Jeremy Kuhn, Business Analyst
  Benjamin Meyerpeter, Executive Business Analyst   Elliott Meyerpeter, Business Analyst
  Eric Quade, Executive Business Analyst   Sam Pehl, Executive Business Analyst
  Content Management & Training   PJ Shumway, Executive Business Analyst
  Nicole Widner, Content & Training Analyst   Jon Kelly, Senior Executive Business Analyst



Looking for Business Optimization & Support?

Financial Affairs Support Team

Contact Us

WyoCloud Team

Merica Hall - 2nd Floor

IT Support: 307-766-4357 Option #2


Email: WyoCloud@uwyo.edu

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