WY INBRE Transition Students begin their research experience at their community college and then transfer to UW to continue funded biomedical research experiences for their junior and senior years.

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russell brubaker and devonRussell Brubaker 

Hometown: Riverton, WY

Major: Biology

I am currently working with Dr. Frank Rahel in Zoology & Physiology and  was fortunate to train in the field and lab with Dr. Rahel's doctoral student, Brian Maitland, who completed his doctoral degree in May. My research focuses on exploring the use of sulfur isotopes to provide greater discrimination among the diets of aquatic organisms. I transferred from Central Wyoming College where I worked with Dr. Aaron Bender on the transcriptome of ​Culex tarsalis. I was an instructor for the UW STEAM Camps in summer 2019 and INBRE research fellow in summer 2020.

I am a new dad to Devon, and I like spending time with my family and outdoors.




Adam and Shaylee ConnerAdam Conner

Hometown: Riverton, WY

Major: Psychology

Graduated Dec 2020

My research was on the effects of exercise on ADHD in the Dr. Cynthia Hartung lab and I spent summer 2020 as an INBRE fellow. I graduated in December 2020 and plan to pursue a degree in clinical psychology. I transferred to UW in 2018 from Central Wyoming College where I worked with Dr. Steve McAllister on the effects of capsaicin on weight loss and another study on IGM titers in patients who had previously been diagnosed with West Nile Virus. I am married and in my spare time I love snowboarding, rock climbing, and most other outdoor activities. I have an extensive board game collection that grows every month. Adam (and his wife, Shaylee, a past INBRE student) are both Mental Health Technicians at Wyoming Behavioral Institute in Casper, WY.

micah connerMicah Conner

Hometown: Riverton

Major: dual Microbiology/Molecular Biology

At UW, I am currently in the Dr. Todd Schoberg lab in Molecular Biology whose research is on disease genetics using the fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as a model system. I am interested in pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy after completing my Bachelor's degree. I am a transfer student from Central Wyoming College (CWC) where I was involved with research on the genomics of Culex tarsalis, the insect vector for West Nile virus in Wyoming. I love to read, play board games, exercise, cook, and play frisbee golf.




ian crawfordIan Crawford

Hometown: Cody, WY

Major: Physiology

At UW, I am entering a lab rotation with Dr. Brian Cherrington and Dr. Amy Navratil in Zoology & Physiology and I can't wait to see what Wyoming INBRE has in store this next year! My plan after graduation is to attend medical school. I am a transfer student from Northwest College, where I was part of a research project assessing water quality along the Shoshone River just outside Cody and Powell, WY.

I enjoy climbing, hiking, and most sports. I'm an enthusiastic competitor and love interacting with fellow students and staff.







eisaac flowersEisaac Flowers

Hometown: Powell, WY

Major: Health Sciences/pre-professional

Graduated: December 2020

My research was in the Dr. Jason Gigley lab on the molecular mechanisms regulating cellular immune responses using the opportunistic pathogen Toxoplasma gondii. I graduated in December 2020 and am in the process of applying to Physician Assistant programs. I transferred from Northwest College with an Associate's degree where I was able to work on microbiology with Jay Dickerson.

In my spare time I like to be outdoors, hiking and hunting.







gareth flowersGareth Flowers

Hometown: Powell, WY

Major: Chemical Engineering

I am in biomedical engineering research in the Dr. John Oakey lab and am also involved in collaborative research with the Dr. Jared Bushman Lab and Dr. Todd Schoberg labs. I completed my Associate's degree from Northwest College where I worked with Eric Atkinson using the ant microbiome to learn bioinformatics and with Michael Cuddy on the development of a descriptive study of lentic water quality in the Big Horn Basin.

I like being outside, pretty much any way I can do that- anything I can do with my dog. I used to enjoy UW football games and hanging out with my friends. I also spend a little time noodling on my guitar.

Gareth has an INBRE Summer Internship in the Oakey Lab.


Mary GrahamMary Graham

Hometown: Cheyenne, WY

Major: Zoology

Graduated: December 2020

At UW, I worked in the Dr. Guanglong He lab in the School of Pharmacy on a vaping project. I graduated in December 2020. I transferred to UW from Laramie County Community College where I worked with Dr. Zac Roehrs on an owl project, analyzing pellet contents, and we will submit a paper on this research soon.

When I am not working or attending class, I enjoy participating in research outside of class, taking care of my animals, spending time with my family, listening to music and reading books. 

Mary is currently in the Colorado State University, Veterinary Sciences graduate program!

Presentation: Diet Analysis of Great Horned (Bubo virginianus) and Barn Owls (Tyto alba) in Southern High Plains

Co-authors: Samantha E. Haller, Maggie J. Quinn, Ami L. Wangeline, Scott McConnell,  Zachary P. Roehrs 


Jacklyn GreenJacklyn Green

Hometown: Lawrenceburg, TN

Major: Zoology

I moved to Wyoming to work in Yellowstone for a summer, which turned into four summers! I loved northwest Wyoming so much I decided to move there, and ended up making the decision to go back to college. I recently graduated from Northwest College with an Associate's degree in Natural Resource Biology, and plan on getting my bachelor's degree in ENR at UW. At Northwest College, I studied the microbiome in ants with Eric Atkinson, and then started my own research with Dr. Alan Childs to study the presence of microplastics in the air. In my spare time I enjoy getting outdoors, playing with my cats, and I work at the Laramie Animal Shelter and in the UW Science Kitchen.



Taylor HatcherTaylor Hatcher

Hometown: Casper, WY

Major: Biology

I am excited to be involved in research with Dr. Michael Dillon in the Zoology & Physiology Department. The Dillon lab research focuses on physiological ecology and climate and organism physiology of insects. At UW-Casper, I worked with Dr. Dagmara Motriuk-Smith on an intrinsically disordered protein, PopZ, before transferring to UW in fall 2020. I love insects, especially bees, and would like to have my own bee colony someday. My favorite hobbies include mountain biking, catching bugs, and jumping out of planes.

Taylor has an INBRE Summer Internship in the Dillon lab.






Wyatt HorrocksWyatt Horrocks

Hometown: Crowley, WY

Major: Biology

At UW, I am rotating through the Dr. Thomas Boothby lab where the research is focused on understanding how organisms survive in extreme environments. My lab rotation is on researching tardigrades (water bears), specifically on those existing in Wyoming. I transferred from Northwest Community College with my Associate's degree where I worked with Dr. Michael Cuddy on water quality studies on the Shoshone River. I also worked with Eric Atkinson on two research projects: avian malaria and bacterial DNA of ants. My favorite pastime is riding my horse.


Ashleigh Huss and partnerAshleigh Huss

Hometown: Findlay, OH

Major: Physiology

I am a physiology major and am starting research in the Dr. Yun Li lab in Zoology  & Physiology. I am looking forward to furthering my understanding of biomedical research and work towards my interest in becoming a Physician Assistant.

I am a transfer student from LCCC-Cheyenne where I worked with Dr. Marie Yearling on the Toxoplasma gondii parasite and the effect it has on different microbiomes among genetically identical mice. I was born and raised in Ohio and have lived in Wyoming for just over 3 years. When not in school, I enjoy traveling to new places and honing my photography skills.

Ashleigh has an INBRE Summer Internship in the Li lab.






Bryson Mijares

Hometown: Greeley, CO

Major: Molecular Biology

Brandon PhillipsBrandon Phillips

Hometown: Torrington, WY

Major: Zoology

I transferred to UW with my Associate's degree from Eastern Wyoming College (EWC) where I worked in the Chris Wenzel lab on soil microbiology. I am starting my research in the Dr. Gaunglong He lab in Pharmacy and will be focusing on the effects of E-cigarette solvents on rodent lungs.

My hobbies are anime, books, and video games, and any form of fun storytelling. 

Brandon has an INBRE Summer Internship in the He lab.






Steven PoyerSteven Poyer

Hometown: Rock Springs, WY

Major: Molecular Biology

I am a transfer student from Western Wyoming Community College where I worked with Dr. Joshua Holmes, exploring the interactions of intrinsically disordered proteins. We developed a functional assay that could demonstrate interactions between candidate proteins and the protein we were interested in, polar organizing protein Z (PopZ). At UW, I am excited about continuing this research in the Dr. Grant Bowman lab in Molecular Biology. I will also continue to collaborate with Dr. Holmes at WWCC. My plan is to continue research in a doctoral program, and my interest is in biotechnology.

Steven has an INBRE Summer Internship in the Bowman lab.



ingelin saestadIngelin Sæstad

Hometown: Egersund, Norway

Major: Molecular Biology

Graduated: May 2021

I am Ingelin Egeli Sæstad from Norway and did a lab rotation in the Dr. David Fay lab in Molecular Biology where we used a nematode, Caenorhabditis elegans as a model organism. Before transferring to UW, I worked with Dr. John Chase at Casper College on community-associated antibiotic-resistant genes in the resistome. I will graduate in May 2021 with a molecular biology degree and begin my studies in Secondary Education at UW. I currently work in the UW Science Kitchen on K12 outreach.

My outside interests are hiking, biking, and kayaking.

Ingelin starts her Secondary Education Program in SUmmer 2021.



abigail mariah savilleAbigail (Mariah) Saville

Hometown: Powell, WY

Major: Biology

I am a transfer student from Northwest College where I worked with Eric Atkinson in the field and lab. At UW, I would like to gain research experience that will help me towards my goal of entering graduate research and a career in marine biology. I am starting my research journey in the Dr. Kerry Sondgeroth lab in Veterinary Sciences.

Some of my hobbies are reading, drawing, swimming, and playing with my pets. I have a cat named Tori and a dog named Puffy.

Mariah has an INBRE Summer Internship in the Sondgeroth lab.





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