Wyoming INBRE Equipment Core

November 12, 2020


All equipment listed below was purchased with support from Wyoming INBRE and, as required by the terms of the purchase, is available for use by any UW or Wyoming community college faculty member conducting biomedical research. Such use is subject to supervision and training required by the contact faculty listed. 

Isoflurane Large Animal Anesthesia System Brenda Alexancer balex@uwyo.ed, 307-766-6278 Animal Sciences
Custom Microscopy System for UV Photopolymerization and Biomaterial Patterning Katie Oakey and John Oakey dli1@uwyo.edu, 307-766-3592; joakey@uwyo.edu, 307-766-2518 Chemical and Petroleum Engineering
TRIGNO Electromyography System
Boyi Dai bdai@uwyo.edu, 307-766-5423 Kinesiology and Health
LaxcoTM LMI 6000 Series Inverted Microscope with the SeBaCam Digital Microscope Camera and Software
Danielle Bruns, Evan Johnson, and Emily Schmitt
dbruns1@uwyo.edu; evan.johnson@uwyo.edu, 307-766-5282; eschmit4@uwyo.edu Kinesiology and Health
FUJIFILM VisualSonics Vevo Imaging System Maysam Mousaviraad maysam.mousaviraad@uwyo.edu, 307-766-2949 Mechanical Engineering
Lonza 4D-Nucelofactor System Daniel Levy dlevy1@uwyo.edu, 307-766-4806 Molecular Biology
Olympus Spinning Disk Super Resolution (Olympus SpinSR) Confocal Microscope System Braveen Joseph bjoseph3@uwyo.edu  Molecular Biology
Tecan Spark 10M Kinetic Plate Reader Jared Bushman jbushman@uwyo.edu,307-766-4198 Pharmacy
Small Animal Ultrasound Imaging System with 3D Motor and ECG Gating Guanglong He and Maysam Mousaviraad ghe@uwyo.edu, 307-766-6637; maysam.mousaviraad@uwyo.edu, 307-766-2949 Pharmacy
Mobile EEG (MoBI) BioSemi Active II 64 Channel System Meredith Minear mminear2@uwyo.edu, 314-255-5500 Psychology
Intelligent Video Systems Solutions (https://ipivs.com/) - high resolution, low profile clinic camera system with zoom and rotation capabilities
Cynthia Hartung chartung@uwyo.edu, 307-314-2123 Psychology
Zeiss LSM 980 with Airyscan 2 Multiplex Confocal Microscope System Zhaojie Zhang zzhang@uwyo.edu, 307-766-3038 Robert A. Jenkins Microscopy Core

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