"Really thankful for this certification. It was generous, empowering, practical, and applicable."

~University staff scientist, completed silver, bronze & gold levels

The Science Communication Certification was launched at the University of Wyoming in Fall 2021. It enables you to (a) receive credentials for scicomm training and professional experiences and (b) join the UW/Wyoming community of scicomm trainers and practitioners. 

We thank Dr. Michelle Mason, WySCI Director Bethann Garramon Merkle, and the WySCI board, along with our partners at the Ellbogen Center for Teaching and Learning, for their intensive and robust work to get this certification rolling.

75+ people from across North America have enrolled in the certification so far. They come from a wide range of backgrounds and current professional settings: agency, nonprofit, entrepreneur, university/academic, and more. Job title span from directors, faculty, instructors, and staff to students at all career levels. Job types include research, policy, public engagement, programming, data visualization, journalism, and more.

If you're looking for a way to (a) build your skillset or (b) establish credentials for recent, on-going, or future work in scicomm, this certification might be just right for you. The certification is a choose-your-own-adventure, outside of the required core. You can make it (and get out of it) what you wish.

This free program can be accessed through UW's WyoLearn platform which enables UW affiliates and the public to enroll in and complete the certification program. Enroll here today!

"The certification introduced me to the primary literature about scicomm in a very reflective way. I could think about how concepts fit my context."

~Certificate participant, completed bronze, silver, and gold levels

Click here to join the UW SciComm Slack community. Note that this is a moderated community and moderators are authorized to delete and mute posts as well as remove bad apples from the community. We assume you're joining to engage in generative ways in a community environment predicated on an abundance mindset (vs. scarcity-driven competition for ideas, resources, etc.). When you join the slack community, you will be prompted to post an introduction in the introductions channel within one week. Failure to do so will result in removal from the platform.

"The certification was easy to navigate. The syllabus materials really helped and the interface was used in an intuitive way."

~Certificate participant, completed bronze, silver, and gold levels


The following information is also provided on the certification enrollment page here.

This self-directed certification and badge program enables participants to complete a core certification in the best practices and science of science communication. Additional badge levels can be obtained by participants as they specialize in emphasis areas such as Sharing Science on Social Media, Designing and Implementing Outreach Programs, Assessing Science Communication Efforts, Science and the Media, and Art-Science Integration, Teaching as Science Communication, the Science of Science Communication, and more.

Participants interested in completing the entire Science Communication (SciComm) certification must complete the Program Core (25 pts) plus an additional 75 points in at least three areas of their choosing (i.e. badges). All participants must watch an information video about each area and complete a required initial activity before beginning additional activities in each area.

SciComm Certification: Core (18 pts + 7 pts) + 3 bronze badges (25 pts+ per badge) or equivalent points = 100 pts
Participants have up to three years to complete the SciComm Certification. 

"What would I tell my colleagues? Set aside time each week to work on this. And, set a sustainable, yet ambitious timeline to finish."

"Take as much time as you really need to reflect on the material and how it connects with your context."

"I feel like I have common language to connect with people, as well as the shared virtual experience of the certification."

Badges (aka certification levels)

Badges can also be earned within individual concentrations without completing the entire SciComm Certification, however, no badges will be issued without completion of the SciComm Program Core.

Bronze Badge = 25 pts

Silver Badge = 50 pts

Gold Badge = 75 pts

Platinum Badge = 100 pts

Points (or how to actually earn the badges and complete the certification)

Points are earned by completing required and optional activities associated with various trainings in the certification modules and/or by completing appropriate activities and reflections associated with optional, self-directed aspects of the certification structure. Participants will submit reflections and other types of work through WyoLearn, a publicly accessible system (no UWyo account required) which is otherwise nearly identical to WyoCourses in operation.

1 point is approximately 1 hour of time.

Retroactive points will be awarded for trainings and activities you have conducted in the past year, with a credit for work prior to that available by petition, on a case-by-case basis.


See the certification syllabus for more detailed information about the certification, what kinds of work and training activities 'count,' how to submit work for review/credit in the program, etc.

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