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State 4-H Youth Leadership Team

2023-2024 Leadership Team picture

2024 Team Members (Left to Right): Kort Bannon, Niobrara County, Stephanie Gray, Campbell County, Tymber Eckley, Hot Springs County, Governor Mark Gordon, Katie Morrison, Park County, Grace Hinton, Sheridan County, Sarah Marotz, Laramie County, Curtis Muecke, Park County.

Please reach out to wyo4hleadershipteam@gmail.com to support any of your county, or regional events throughout the year.

Are you a Wyoming 4-H Senior aged member? Do you enjoy taking leadership opportunities and having a positive impact on Wyoming 4-H? Do you want to impact you project area at a state level? We have an opportunity for you!

The State 4-H Leadership team porvides opportunities for youth to represent 4-H through leadership and service at a state level.

State 4-H Leadership team is a select team of senior aged youth that have demonstrated leadership in their county 4-H programs, and who are interested in developing and refining skills to teach other 4-H youth about leadership, promotion, and service. Team members will also work on events/projects pertainng to their project area of choice.


  • Current Wyoming 4-H members ages 15-18.
  • Applicants must be in good standing in their County 4-H program.

Ideal skills of applicants

  • A genuine enthusiasm for 4-H.
  • Ability to meet people easily, even strangers.
  • Public speaking skills, both planned and extemporaneous.
  • A commitment to 4-H as shown by a willingness to put a high priority on the responsibilities of serving on the State Leadership Team. While team members can be active in other organizations, they are expected to place 4-H at the top of the list during their time on the team.
  • Ability to be a team player.
  • Self-starter, always motivated to do their best with minimal instruction. Someone who is willing to go above and beyond without being asked.
  • Be interested in developing and/or enhancing skills related to leadership, such as: conflct resolution, facilitation, teamwork, decision-making, respect, and communication.
  • Be able to accept and incorporate constructive criticism to enhance their own skills and the strength of the team. Be wiilling to explore and apply diverse concepts of leadership, service and promotion.
  • Have basic skills in teaching others, facilitating discussions, public speaking, and comfortable talking to large groups.


  • Submit your completed State 4-H Leadership Team application form by September 3, 2024. Applications can be found here.
  • With your application you will submit a 4-H resume and headshot (school photo is acceptable).
  • Extension Educator Recommendation submitted by September 9, 2024.
  • Online interviews will be conducted via Zoom, with State 4-H Leadership Team advisor, a member of the Wyoming State 4-H Office, and a member from a previous leadership team.

Expectations and Responsibilities

  • To uphold and abide by the Wyoming 4-H Code of Conduct throughout the duration of their appointment as a State 4-H Leadership Team.
  • To participate in all required State 4-H Leadership Team events and activities. To be a positive role model to, and representative of, all youth involved in Wyoming 4-H.
  • To be willing to work with team members to establish and meet objectives.
  • To be prompt in response to emails and other forms of communication. To be willing to engage in a youth-adult partnership model of leadership.

Schedule & Time Commitment

Members of the State 4-H Leadership Team should schedule these dates at the beginning for the year in order to attend all the required events and activities. If conflicts exist, the expectation is that they be made known during the team retreat in January.

  • Members will attend one conference call a month via Zoom. Time is selected by team members. (REQUIRED)
  • Officers will plan/facilitate one activity or project of their own choosing to further develop their skills ion their project areas.
  • National Trip, trip selected by team members. (REQUIRED)
  • January
    • Team Retreat - Cheyenne (REQUIRED)
    • Legislature Days - (REQUIRED)
  • April
    • State Meat & Wool Contests - Laramie
  • June
    • Boulder Big Draw 3-D Shoot - Boulder, Wyoming
    • Showcase Showdown - Laramie (REQUIRED)
  • July
    • State Shoot - Douglas (REQUIRED)
    • Platte River Shootout - Saratoga
    • Apache Clear Creek Shootout - Ucross
  • August
    • Wyoming State Fair - Douglas (REQUIRED)

*Dates are subject to change and additional events will occur (ex: Jr. Leader meetings, conference calls, etc.).


Online Resources and Websites

Online Resources and Websites

Leadership Team Members

Team Members
  • 2024 - Tymber Eckley, Stephanie Gray, Curtis Muecke, Grace Hinton, Kort Bannan, Sarah Marotz, Katie Morrison
  • 2023 - Bethany Heward, Wyatt Griffin, Allison Morrison, Josie Mares, Shiloh French.
  • 2022 - Weston Haley, Zane Hayward, Carl Gray, Natalie Schwab, Hannah Danford, Janae Arne
  • 2021 - StormiLyn Love, Victoria Peck, Katie Rogers, Cade Relaford, Cambree Miller, Sydney Downare, Zoe Griffin, FaithHoney Anderson
  • 2020 - Landon Hoffmann, Destiny Beaman, Tanner Rogers, Sarah Heward, Gabriel Wigington, Sydney Thayer, Zachary Maxam
  • 2019 - Kylie Mathews, Kylie Carson, Katie Vigil, Tayten Barhaug, Makala Johnson, Rachel Drake, Caroline Heward, Elsa Freise
  • 2018 - Katelyn Hayward, McKena Carnahan, Lane Mills, Stevie Moyles, Morgan Sanchez, Garett Schamber, Katrina Twitchell, Susana Villasenor
  • 2017 - Grace Anderson, Elizabeth Barbour, Brooke Howard, Hannah Powers, Chance Seivley, Ian Siegismund, Aletta Ziehl, Bradley Zimmerman
  • 2016 - Kylie Anderson, Kolbi Martin, Mishelle Frame, Samantha Kernan, Taylor Ruckman, Meghan Proctor, McKenzi Davison
  • 2015 - Kylee Gaukel, Madelon Jones, Jaycee Hendrickson, Nyckalas Harvey, Nathan Lee, Tyra Relaford, Dairon Mooren
  • 2014 - Justin Hope, Alicia Downare, Wyatt Rauterkus, Melanie Whitmore, Ashley Johnson, Robert Espy
  • 2013 - Brittany Randall, Ali Wadsworth, William Wood, Brookley Schamber, Aleighica Keeran, Ty Espy
  • 2012 - McKenna Brinton, Thomas Shaffer, Olivia Roybal, Jace Musfelt, Grant Lindblom, Colter Otwell
  • 2011 - Jenny Beiermann, Landan Doyle, Paula Andrie, Maddy Morgan, Rebel Rauterkus
  • 2010 - Laney Johnston, Harley Cushman, Hadley Pape, Gwen Kirk, Tycee Mohler, Colt Rauterkaus, Kate Barlow
  • 2009 - Trista Ostrom, Sasha Andrie, Megan Foote, Ian Hamilton, Jamie Geho, Hannah Johlman, and Kassey Braun.
  • 2008 - Laci Lawrence, Tressa Lawrence, Casey Geho, Jacques White, Amy David, Kailey Barlow, and Heidi Saur.
  • 2007 - Sara Mickelson, Shelby Welling, Becky Martinez, Cami Andrie, Heidi Saur, Jake Berg, Amanda Jones
  • 2006 - Jessie Bennion, Erica David, Aimee Stafford, Carrie Saur, Beth Wood, and Cami Andrie
  • 2005 - Antenniell Derrico, Allysa Hitshew, Ashley McCarty, James Tomich, Kerry Nugent, and Beth Wood
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