Wyoming 4-H your first class at UW

Expressive Arts

  • a piping bag with a pink sprinkled cupcake

    Cake Decorating

    Creativity can be a piece of cake with the 4-H Cake-Decorating project!Through this project you will learn the skills to start making cakes for parties and events. It starts with knowing the basics like simple borders, decorations, and cake molds.
  • a ball of pink and white yarn with a crochet hook


    A sweater, an afghan and a hat are all things that can be crocheted. It’s an easy, relaxing art of yarn and crochet hooks that can become an interest that travels with you. 4-H Crocheting project
  • blue and white fabric, scissors, thread and a measuring tape

    Fabric & Fashion

    In the 4-H Fabric and Fashion project, you can learn basics like sewing a shirt or putting a zipper on a pair of pants. The advanced units will also teach you how to take the design of your choice and customize it for the perfect look, color and fit.
  • a youth painting a wall green

    Interior Design

    Being an interior designer is all about making a house a home. But what about just starting in your room? Can you select colors, textures and accessories that will show off your personal style and enable you to take care of your room? It all starts with the 4-H Interior Design project.
  • knitting needles with green and cream yarn


    The 4-H Knitting project isn’t just for when you are sitting in front of a warm fire, it is a hobby you can take with you! Knitting is a wonderful craft to learn and it can be taken anywhere. In the knitting project, you will learn knitting techniques and tips.
  • various colors of leather, a mallet and tools


    In the 4-H Leathercraft project, you can learn the construction of small leather articles involving carving, stamping and lacing. You can start with simple articles, such as a coaster and learn the skills to advance methods of decorating leather such as filigree and figure carving.
  • a boy with a camera in a grassy field


    Capture important moments, communicate your perspective and show how life appears through your lens with the 4-H Photography project. Learn about cameras, lighting, and digital or film media so you can be ready when you find that great shot.
  • a rotary cutter, thread and colorful fabric


    Have you ever wondered the history of a quilt in a museum or one hanging on a wall in your house? The 4-H Quilting project is designed to help you learn about quilts and gain a deeper appreciation of the art of quilt making.
  • pink and yellow rope tied in a knot


    Learn about knots, hitches and bends in the 4-H Ropecraft project. Did you know there are 14 basic skills that can be used in many activities and situations from sailing and climbing to working with animals and decorating.
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    Visusl Arts

    Do you want to express yourself, be creative, or make an impression? Cutting and pasting, painting, sculpting, drawing, printing, preserving memories and construction with fibers and other materials are all exciting hands-on activities in the 4-H Visual Arts project.
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    What's the 4-H Welding project all about? Joining metal together can be a skill that can help you to repair or create items needed for work. In addition, metal can be joined to create amazing art pieces.
  • a child working on a garden bench


    Have you ever wanted to make something with wood? The 4-H Woodworking project is an opportunity for you to create and construct items using wood and woodworking tools.