About the Center for Carbon Capture and Conversion



Center for Carbon Capture and Conversion – which houses the Carbon Engineering Program at UW, focuses on supporting existing energy and fuel markets and finding novel uses for Wyoming coal. The center is investigating new high-volume uses for coal, converting coal into valuable engineered and chemical products, exploring new opportunities in an evolving carbon market.

At the project working level, the CCCC partners with faculty and researchers located in other University of Wyoming colleges, bringing together interdisciplinary teams to devlop environmentally friendly solutions to support the future of Wyoming coal and economic development of the state.


Founded to respond to the energy challendges and opportunities facing the state of Wyoming

Carbon Engineering Initiative

The Carbon Engineering Initiative (CEI) focuses on creating new markets for Wyoming coal by growing the demand for coal as a feedstock that can be converted into chemical and high-performance engineered products.

It primarily seeks to develop original patentable intellectual property to process and make value added, novel products that can be deployed as standalone solutions or used to augment technology developed by others.


Clean Energy Solutions

Clean Combustion with Integrated Carbon Capture

The CCCC seeks to create a sustainable demand for coal as an energy fuel by developing and supporting technologies that permit clean, high efficiency combustion with integrated CO2 capture that are technically and economically viable. 

The Center is working with the Wyoming oil and gas industry to host a pre-commercial demonstration of flameless pressurized oxy-fuel (FPO) combustion, incorporating CO2 utilization. 

Upgrade Wyoming Coal for Energy Use

The CCCC seeks to improve the efficient and effective clean burning characteristics of Wyoming Powder River Basin (PRB) coal, and is collaborating with technology companies to bring their solutions to the state.