Commercialization in the Center for Carbon Capture and Conversion


The design and function of the technologies developed in the Center for Carbon Capture and Conversion (CCCC) are created with the intention of modification for large-scale commercialization.

The Center primarily seeks to develop original patentable intellectual property to process and make value-added, novel products that can be deployed as standalone solutions or used to augment technology developed by others.

The CCCC works to transfer technology solutions to industry, and works with businesses and technology companies to commercialize solutions in Wyoming to create economic diversification opportunities.


Founded to respond to the energy challenges and opportunities facing the state of Wyoming

tech readiness scale

Technology Readiness Level

The technology readiness level or TRL, is employed to establish the status of solutions under development. Using this standard methodology, project viability and the techno-economic maturity of technology is tracked, assessed, and evaluated to manage and bring solutions rapidly to market.

An important aspect of the many projects under management is to sequentially scale up technologies once they have been proven in a laboratory environment, and then subsequently demonstrate them in the field in practical situations. Commercialization partners play a critical role to bring CCCC home grown technology to market.


Leveraging knowledge, know-how, and expertise, the technology that is developed in-house is used to attract the interest of third party technology developers. The CCCC actively strives to work with these entities to help them commercialize their solutions in Wyoming.