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About the UWAA

The University of Wyoming Alumni Association (UWAA) is a non-profit, dedicated to serving our university and alumni. We aim to foster lifelong connections between the University of Wyoming and its alumni. By keeping alumni informed about the university's direction and aspirations, and organizing events that bring the community together, we cultivate a culture of pride, loyalty, and engagement.



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History of the Association

Launched on March 26, 1895 with eight alumni, the UWAA is proud of its long history of keeping alumni connected to the university and offering a wide array of opportunities for service. With a membership of 17,000 people, the Alumni Association serves as an important connection to the university for the 130,000 alumni around the world. 

The UWAA has since resided in the University of Wyoming Alumni House, and now the Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center, but the mission and focus of the Alumni Association has remained the same. We have grown substantially since our launching in 1895, but we can assure that we still value each alum just the same.

  UW Steamboat Statue in front of Marian H. Rochelle Gateway Center in snow