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Buy WY

The BUY-WY program is the University of Wyoming's commitment to leveraging its overall purchasing power in support of the state's fiscal growth by promoting the purchase of goods and services from all areas serviced by Wyoming businesses, whenever feasible, including the technology sector.

Key objectives of the Buy-WY initiative include:

  • Educate the campus community on the benefits of purchasing from Wyoming suppliers,
  • Identify purchasing activities where the involvement of Wyoming businesses can be enhanced,
  • Create opportunities for Wyoming businesses to develop and strengthen relationships with campus departments, and
  • Ensure Wyoming businesses are afforded equal access to information on product/service bidding opportunities.


As a member of the university community, you have a lot of spending power. The University spends $600,000 a month on general goods, services, and contracts. Imagine what even a 10% increase in purchases to local business could do for the Wyoming economy. 

The BUY-WY initiative encourages Wyoming businesses and university employees to work together to use our spending power to positively impact the state. Taking the extra time to look up a Wyoming supplier for your buying needs can make a huge difference. It takes just a moment to be a cowboy supporting cowboys.


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University of Wyoming
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