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Vladimir Alvarado's Lab or Enhanced-Oil Recover


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Graduate Students

Marina Machado
PhD CHE Candidate
Ice Adhesion on Aircrafts                                                                                                  Email: molivei2@uwyo.edu
Bryan Medina 
PhD CHE Candidate
Unconventional Formation (Shales), Interfacial Phenomena, and Material Characterization  Email: bmedina4@uwyo.edu
Zuhao Kou
PhD CHE Candidate
CO2 Geological Storage                                                                                                 Email: zkou@uwyo.edu
Jordy Sarmas
MS CHE Candidate
Crude Oil/Brine Interfacial Properties for EOR Analysis                                                    Email: jsarmasf@uwyo.edu
Erik Smith
PhD CHE Candidate
Analysis of Multiscale Phenomena in Unconventional Resources                                      Email: esmith69@uwyo.edu

Former Graduate Students

Amy Brandvik
PhD PETE Candidate
Email: abrandvi@uwyo.edu

Mehrnoosh Moradi Bidehendi
PhD PETE Candidate
Email: mmoradib@uwyo.edu

image of bidehendi

Casey Gregersen
MS PETE Candidate
Email: cgreger1@uwyo.edu

image of casey

Mahdi Kazempour
PhD PETE Candidate
Email: mkazempo@uwyo.edu 

image of kazempour

Amit Padhi
PhD PETE Candidate
Email: apadhi@uwyo.edu

image of amit
Arelys Yaditza Salazar
MS PETE Candidate
Email: asalaza1@uwyo.edu
Eric Sundstrom
MS PETE Candidate
Email: esundstr@uwyo.edu
Xiao Wang
PhD PETE Candidate
Email: xwang13@uwyo.edu
Xiuyu Wang
PhD PETE Candidate
Email: xwang7@uwyo.edu
Samiha El-Sayed
MS PETE Candidate
Email: selsayed@uwyo.edu

Undergraduate Students

Andrea Alvarez
Email: aalvare1@uwyo.edu


Dr. Glen Murrell
Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute
Email: gmurrell@uwyo.edu
Dr. Glen Murrell
Dr. Geoff Thyne
Enhanced Oil Recovery Institute
Email: gthyne@uwyo.edu
Dr. Geoff Thyne
Dr. Marcio Carvalho
Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Dr. Marcio Carvalho
Dr. John Kaszuba
Email: John.Kaszuba@uwyo.edu
Dr. John Kaszuba
Dr. Pradip Mukhopadhyay
Research Scientist
Email: pmukhopa@uwyo.edu
Dr. Subhashis Mallick
Department of Geology & Geophysics
University of Wyoming
Laramie, WY
Dr. Subhashis Mallick
Dr. Subhashis Mallick
Assistant Professor
Petroleum Geosciences Program
The Petroleum Institute
Dr. Subhashis Mallick
Dr. Eduardo Manrique
Senior Reservoir Engineer
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Chemical and Biomedical Engineering

EN 4055

Dept. 3295

1000 E. University Ave.

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: (307)766-2500

Email: che-info@uwyo.edu

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