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UW's Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) graduate education programs emphasize a deep understanding of learning experience design and learning technologies in a variety of educational settings. LDT graduates often secure employment in PK12 classrooms; school media and technology centers, and school district administrative offices; public, corporate, and government centers and training agencies; college and university faculty and administrative positions; design and development labs; product support teams; and consulting firms.

Our mission is to assist professionals in effectively developing, implementing, and evaluating advanced learning experience systems, tools, strategies, and environments that achieve their intended student learning objectives. To fulfill this mission, students and faculty:

  • Design and develop research-based teaching and learning strategies using established and emerging technologies
  • Apply theories and best practices to learning experience design, delivery, and evaluation
  • Generate online learning design methods and tools that support community building, professional development, and lifelong learning in formal and informal settings
  • Cultivate digital fluency and citizenship as a function of information, technological, visual, and media literacies
  • Create new research and scholarship through student and faculty publications and presentations

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