Academic Dishonesty Policy

University of Wyoming Regulation (Unireg) 802 governs academic dishonesty policy at the University of Wyoming.  Section 7 states that individual colleges may establish additional standards and sanctions for academic dishonesty.  Practice in the Graduate School was to allow individual graduate programs to establish their own policies regarding academic dishonesty.  The Department of Economics and Finance exercises this right to assure the quality and integrity of its graduate programs in part through the following policy.

The Department of Economics holds graduate students and faculty to the highest possible professional standards to ensure the quality of its graduate programs and will not tolerate acts of academic dishonesty as defined by UW Regulation 802.  Graduate students found to have committed academic dishonesty will be sanctioned by the awarding of an F in the course in which the academic dishonesty occurred and will be expelled from the graduate program.  All charges of academic dishonesty will proceed in accordance with College of Business and University procedures, and the above sanctions will be imposed immediately upon the admission of academic dishonesty by the offending student, or after a hearing process concludes academic dishonesty occurred.

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