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Why the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at UW?

Why the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at UW?

There are many reasons to choose engineering at the University of Wyoming.

The EECS Department at UW is large enough to cover most any interest area you might have, but small enough to let us get to know our students on a personal basis. As you can see from the web site, we offer electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science. If you’re interested, we also have frequent opportunities for undergraduates to participate in various research projects. EECS faculty members have traditionally maintained a flexible open-door policy, making them extremely accessible to students. The qualifications of the EECS faculty members are excellent, with many in leadership positions in national and international organizations, several are textbook authors, and all are active in their respective specialties. The department has many well-equipped laboratories, offers free access to computer systems running any software you need for your studies, maintains small class sizes, and provides a friendly, supportive environment for students. Talk to any former or current EECS students, and you’ll see what we mean—the EECS Department at UW is a special place.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Job prospects, salaries and career progression are excellent, even when the economy is struggling. Did you know that there are more electrical and computer engineering job positions worldwide than all other engineering disciplines combined?  For almost any area in which you might want to work (energy/power, aerospace, automotive/transportation, computer networks, robotics, satellite and cellular communications, music/video special effects, software design, microcomputers, biomedical instruments/imaging, electronic devices, and many others) you’ll find that electrical and computer engineers make up the majority or a significant part of the team! Each year, nearly 100 percent of our graduates either have job placements or have been accepted to graduate school. It’s often been said the ECE students get to “play” with some of the best “toys,” but we’re also preparing you for the worldwide economy and an exciting future career.

Computer Science

Our Bachelor of Science graduates are innovative, highly-skilled leaders and thinkers capable of developing and implementing the technology of tomorrow. Our faculty are passionate about teaching and research - enabling our undergraduates to have access to foundational computer science theory as well as cutting-edge technology. Our offerings include courses in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Maching Learning (ML), Mobile Programming, and Virtual/Augmented Reality (VR/AR).

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