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Spread the Word

Make my day! Help us spread the word on UW Giving Day! First give, then post, tweet, selfie, and hashtag #uwgivingday #makemyday. Here are some materials to help you get the word out. 

How to Download

Click here to access the files in folders on Teams. It will take you to Teams to download. Or you can get individual pieces below. Save the target of these thumbnail images  If you save the thumbnail images rather than the target (link or linked image), you'll get the thumbnail. Here's how you do that for a pc or mac on Chrome or Safari:

For an image (jpg or png), click on the thumbnail on the page. A full-size image will pop up in the browser. Right click on this image in the browser and click on "save link as" or "save image as." Save the image onto your computer wherever you would like. 

For Word text documents (doc), zipped file folders (zip), and Adobe Illustrator files (ai), clicking on the thumbnail will cause it to download.

For pdfs, clicking on the thumbnail will bring up the pdf in the browser. Click on the download link in the upper right to download to your computer.

Or you can right-click on any link or image that is a link and then click on "save link as" or "dowload linked file." Then specify where you want it to save. 


Overall Communications Schedule

This is the overall communications schedule for the UW Foundation (pdf). Feel free to plan your communications accordingly or contact us with questions at 766-6300 or!

Overall Communication Plan


Giving Day logo in brown    .png or .jpg or .ai

Giving Day logo in gold     .png or .jpg or .ai

Giving Day Make My Day logo 1     .png or .jpg or .ai

Giving Day Make My Day logo 2     .png or .jpg or .ai

Make My Day logo     .png or .jpg or .ai

Make My Day badge 1     .png or .jpg or .ai

Make My Day badge 2     .png or .jpg or .ai

Make My Day badge 3     .png or .jpg or .ai

Make My Day rainbow     .png or .jpg or .ai

Make My Day stripes     .png or .jpg or .ai

Make My Day curved stripes    .png or .jpg or .ai





Save the Date Image (png)

Save the Date


Web Banner Images (png)

Giving Day Banner






LinkedIn Banner Images (png)






Examples of Text, Including Social Media, Email, Press Releases, and More (doc)

Example Text


Email Toolkit (pdf)

Email Toolkit


Email Signatures (doc)

email signatures


Please email us at or join the Giving Day Teams to access videos you can use.

Video for Intro/Outro (mp4)

Giving Day video


Animated Gifs (gif)

Giving Day gif

Giving Day gif


Elements for Design

To get elements to design your own, feel free to contact us at or call 766-6300 and we would love to send you whatever you need! Also, you can join the Giving Day Teams to get direct access to these resources.


Canva Templates

You may need to be logged into Canva. If you have problems, feel free to contact the UW Foundation or UW Institutional Marketing for help.


Colors (jpg)



Overlays for images (png)

Overlay 1  Overlay 2  Overlay 3  Overlay 4  Overlay 5  Overlay 6  Overlay 7  Overlay 8  Overlay 9  Overlay 10  Overlay 11  Overlay 12  Overlay 13


Stewardship Tips 

Tips for thanking your donors and maintaining your relationships with them (pdf)

Stewardship Tips


This toolkit will be updated periodically. If you don't find what you're looking for, contact the UW Foundation at 766-6300 or and we'll create or help you create what you need.

Your support makes all the difference for UW Giving Day. Go ahead. Brag a little!

#uwgivingday #makemyday