BS in Environmental Geology and Geohydrology Program

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The Environmental Geology and Geohydrology degree is designed for those students who intend to become professionals in environmental fields such as consulting, site assessment, hazard assessment, and remediation. The degree will prepare students for graduate school in environmental disciplines and for entry-level jobs.

Students must earn a letter grade of C or better in all geology and allied courses. Additionally, all prerequisite courses must be passed with a grade of C or better before progressing to the next level of geology courses.

I. Required Courses
GEOL 1005 Earth History
GEOL 1100 Physical Geology
GEOL 1200 Historical Geology
GEOL 1500 Water, Dirt, Climate
GEOL 1600 Global Sustainability
And each of the following:
GEOL 2000 Geochemical Cycles, Earth System
GEOL 2010 Mineralogy
GEOL 2080 Field Geology
GEOL 2100 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
GEOL 4444 Geohydrology
GEOL 4490 Geochemistry
GEOL 4777 Geochemistry of Natural Waters
GEOL 4880 Earth Surface Processes
GEOL 4820 Capstone
II. Required Allied Math and Science
CHEM 1020 General Chem I
CHEM 1030 General Chem II
PHYS 1110 or 1210 General or Engr Physics
MATH 2200 Calculus I
MATH 2205 Calculus II
One of the folowing:
LIFE 1010 General Biology
STAT 2050 Fundamental of Statistics
MATH 2210 Calculus III
PHYS 1120 General Physics II
PHYS 1220 Engineering Physics II
III. Additional 18 credit hours Electives, in consultation with advisor
GEOL 2020 Introduction to Petrology
GEOL 2070 Introduction to Oceanography
GEOL 2100 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
GEOL 3005 Principles of Geophysics or GEOL 2005 Introduction to Geophysics
GEOL 3400 Geologic Hazards
GEOL 3500 Global Change
GEOL 3600 Earth and Mineral Resources
GEOL 3650 Energy, A Geological Perspective
GEOL 4113 Geological Remote Sensing
GEOL 4525 Environmental Data Analysis
GEOL 4610 Structure and Tectonics
GEOL 4888 Glaciology
NOTE: Students are encouraged, in consultation with their advisor, to design a major that best fits their interests and goals. With this in mind, there are many courses outside the Department of Geology and Geophysics that may be substituted for courses in the Electives (III) list above provided that such substitutions are made with the consent of an advisor. A list of such courses may be obtained from the Department. Students who seek the Geology BS may not also seek EGGH as a double major, and vice versa.

Possible electives outside department:

BOT 4550 Computational Biology (Math 2200, LIFE 1010)
BOT 4780 Biogeochemistry (Organic Chemistry Course)
CE 3300 Hydraulics (ES 2330)
CE 3400 Introduction to Environmental Engineering (MATH 2205, CHEM 1030)
CE 3600 Soil Mechanics (ES 2410, Mechanics of materials)
CE 4430 Environmental Engineering Chemistry (CHEM 1020)
CE 4620 Soil and Rock Slope Engineering (CE 3600)
CE 4630 Geotechnical Engineering (CE 3600)
CE 4800 Hydrology (CE 3600)
CE 4820 Groundwater and Drainage Engineering (ES2330, Fluid Dynamics)
CHEM 2300 Introductory Organic Chemistry
CHEM 2420 Organic Chemistry I (CHEM 1030)
CHEM 2440 Organic Chemistry II (CHEM 2420)
CHEM 3020 Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 2300 or 2420)
CHEM 4110 Introductory Inorganic Chemistry (CHEM 2420)
GEOG 3010 Landforms and Soils (GEOG 1010)
GEOG 3450 Weather and Climate (GEOG 1000, 1010 or 1020)
GEOG 3480 Environmental Change GEOG 1010)
GEOG 4000 Terrain Analysis (GEOG 2150)
GEOG 4450 Fluvial Geomorphology (GEOG 3
010, GEOL 2100 or 2150)
MATH 2210 Calculus III
MICR 2021 General Microbiology (LIFE 1010, CHEM 1000 or higher)
MICR 4140 Soil Microbiology (SOIL 2010m, Intro to Soil Sci.)
SOIL 3130 Environmental Quality
SOIL 4130 Chemistry of the Soil Environment (SOIL 2010, CHEM 1030)
SOIL 4535 Soil Biogeochemistry (SOIL 2010)
STAT 2050 Fundamentals of Statistics

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