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Learning Resource Network

The Learning Resource Network (LeaRN) works with students and faculty to promote academic success, engagement, and enrichment of the college experience. Programs within the LeaRN umbrella include student and faculty learning communities; general education (University Studies Program) support and coordination; tutoring and supplemental instruction for high-challenge and communication-focused courses; first-year experience programs; and initiatives supporting underserved students. LeaRN is housed within Academic Affairs and partners heavily with Student Affairs. Feel free to peruse LeaRN’s many networks below, or stop by and visit us in the lower level of Coe Library.

On October 3, 2022, LeaRN hosted journalist Jesse Singal who spoke about the challenges of research in an overwhelming media landscape and how to be responsible information consumers and adept critical thinkers.

Programs and Resources



Tutoring and More

Academic Support Programs

STEP Tutoring Center: free tutoring for many class subjects

Supplemental Instruction (SI): out-of-class study sessions led by a student who has successfully taken the class 

UW Writing Center: one-on-one writing assistance


First Year Experience

Summer Bridge: first-year students can earn six credits in this four-week live-in program

Fall Bridge: course-based learning community

First-Year Experience Course: one-credit college transition course for first-year students

FYE Abroad in Costa Rica: New in 2023

First Year Seminar: required three-credit course focusing on critical thinking skills

First Gen Scholars: mentors and resources for first-generation students

First-Year Interest Groups: living and learning faculty-led communities



Communication across the Curriculum

Communication across the Curriculum (CxC)

CxC supports faculty as teachers and practitioners of academic writing and communication.

CxC provides guidance for required communication-intensive (COM) courses and promotes a broader culture of communication across campus.

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More Faculty Support

Teaching Guides, Faculty Communities,  Awards

Teach STEP Into College, the First Year Experience Course: application, resources, and course information for staff & faculty teaching STEP 1102

First Year Seminars: faculty support within workshops, discussion sessions, and more (9/29/2022 FYS Pause Recommendation for 2023-24)

Teaching Guides and Lesson Plans: teaching resources for all university instructors

Promoting Diversity: honor and embrace students' cultures and identities

Early Alert: academic feedback on student performances in the fourth week of the semester

Teacher Recognition: the PIE Award: Promoting Intellectual Engagement, student-selected teaching awards

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