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SJRC Scholars

The Social Justice Research Center (SJRC) at the University of Wyoming is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to the generation of scholarship connected to addressing practical and theoretical questions arising from the pursuit of social justice. Below is a directory of past and currently funded scholars and proposals. More information on SJRC funded projects can be found through the Mountain Scholar repository.

2021 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Libni Castellon | The Discursive Mathematics Protocol: Opportunities for Developing Emergent Bilinguals’ Mathematical Reasoning

Ashley Babcock | An Inventory of North American Indigenous Food Sovereignty Educational Approaches

Ambreia Meadows-Fernandez | Mothering in Their Own Words: Uplifting the Voices of Black Mothers in Wyoming and Surrounding Areas

Samuel Choi | Hate is a Virus: Investigating the Relationship between Chinese Phenotypes and COVID-19-Related Prejudice and Discrimination

Jeremy Davis |Co-constructing a Latinx Student Leadership Identity at a Predominately White Institution

Amanda DeDiego, Isabel Farrell, Dareen Basma, & Kara Hurt-Avila | Immigrant Clinicians’ Experiences of Migratory Grief, Social Support, Discrimination, and Professional Quality of Life


Jill Moeller | Home Health Experiences During COVID-19: A Phenomenological Inquiry of Medicaid Community Choices Waiver Service Users

Diksha Shukla | Annotation Schema for Early Detection of High-Risk Fake Information

Derrick Mason & Jane Crayton | Equality is greater than Division =>÷

Jessica Nelson | Race, Place, and Language in Virtual Brazil

2020 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Nevin Aiken | Youth, Deprivation and Post-conflict Reconciliation in Northern Ireland

Avalon Fajardo-Anstine | Inter-generational Memory and Solidarity Through Indigenous Environmental Social Justice Across Borders

Brittney Bulawa | A Qualitative Study on Criminalization of the Low-Income in Wyoming Municipal Courts

Yi-Ling Chen | Housing, Financialization, and Social Inequality: An International Comparative Study

Kym Codallos and Susan Dewey |Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Jeremy Davis | Confluences of Student Leadership and White Racial Identity

Bianca Estefania Infante De La Cruz | High School Youth in Wyoming: Immigration Status and Life Experience

Karla Valesca Matute and Libni Berenice Catellon | Discursive Assessment Protocol for Supporting Emergent Bilinguals in Mathematics

Margarita Elena del Carmen Pignataro | Performers of Color in Provincetown: Social Justice in Performance Narratives, Song and Dance

Sukyung Yoon | The Protective Factors against Suicidal Behavior among Older Adults Living in Rural Communities

2019 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Lynora Anderson | Justice John Marshall Harlan: The Great Dissenter and a Champion of Equal Protection Under the Law

Cecilia Aragon | Wyoming Hawai'i Partnership: Local and Global Community Engagement and Collaboration Through Storytelling and Service-Learning Projects

Rachael Budowle | Assessing Community Resilience in a Wind River Indian Reservation Home Gardening Project with Participatory Social-Ecological Network Analysis

Nicole Crawford | Stealing Culture: The Intersection of Criminal Law and Museums

Fredrich Douglass Dixon | The Origin and Rise of Chicago's Black Community College Campus Movement

Juan Garcia Cardona | Use of Code-Switching in the Educational Context of Heritage Speakers

Madison Marquer | Identifying and Working to Correct Gender-based Discrimination within the Gaming Community

Cleo Matthews | The Political Potential of Trauma-Informed Policies and Practices

Conor Mullen | Empowerment Through Skateboarding: Photo Novella with Displaced Youth in Greece

Jerry Stott | The Role of Aesthetics in the Defense of Public Lands: A Case Study of the Alternative National Parks Movement and the Battle over Bears Ears National Monument

2018 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Colleen Denney | Australian Women's Suffrage: A Visual Investigation

Scott Freng | Mapping Different Forms of Prejudice Toward African Americans: Exploring State Level Outcomes

Taryn Jim and Mark Guiberson | Ethnographic Interviewing with Native American Caregivers

Joe Moose | Racialization in and through professional baseball in the United States

2017 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Nevin Aiken | Addressing the Injustices of the Past: Socioeconomic Deprivation and Intercommunal Reconciliation in Northern Ireland 

Tayo Basquiat | Humanitarian Aid at the US-Mexican Border in the Trump Era

Susan Dewey | Navigating Prostitution-Related Practices and Regulatory Oversight: The Role of Third Sector Organizations in Africa, Europe, and North America

Sarah Duncan | My Family Used to Be Irish: Mapping the Construction of Racial Whiteness and Identity

Kyliah Ferris | Developmental Screenings of Native American Toddlers and Native American Caregiver Teaching Styles

Kirsten Havig | The Experiences of Sexual and Gender Minority Youth in Wyoming: A Photovoice Project 

Adam P. Herrera, Vanessa Fonseca, Levi Romero, Trisha Venisa Martinez and Robert Perea |Community Activism Creates Legacy in Riverton, WY

Angela Jaime and Phineas Kelly | Arapaho - Vision Quest - UWYO Game

Chao Lan | Guarding Fairness in Data-Driven Digital Education and Assessment System

Barbara Logan | Profiting from Poverty: Parallels between the Costs of Imprisoning the Poor in 19th Century England and Trump’s Immigration Proposals

Denise Muro | Integrating the Other

Lydiah Nganga | Clean water an elusive dream in developing nations: Lessons from International service learning projects in Kenya

Lydiah Nganaga and John Kambuto | Preparing teachers for a globalized era: An examination of teaching practices in Kenya 

Cheyenne Pettit | In the Land of Mad Men: Diagnosis Treatment, and Social Stigma Surrounding Shell Shock in the Canadian Expeditionary Forces of the First World War, 1914-1930

Janel Seeley | Creating a space for global dialogue on knowledge and democracy

Megan Skinner | Confronting Food Insecurity in Wyoming through SNAP-Ed

Virginia Vincenti and Bernard Steinman | Betrayal in Families: Factors Associated with Elder Financial Exploitation by Relatives with Powers of Attorney

Taylar Stagner | Municipal Workers on the Wind River Reservation

2016 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Elizabeth Ferguson, Vicki Estrada-Reynolds, Kim Schweitzer, and Scott Freng | Pockets of Prejudice?

Scott Freng, Kimberly Schweitzer, Vicki Estrada-Reynolds, and Elizabeth Ferguson | Exploring the Two-Dimensional Model of Prejudice Toward African-Americans (Spring 2016-update)

Scott Freng, Vicki Estrada-Reynolds, Kimberly Schweitzer, and Elizabeth Ferguson | Aversive and Modern Racism: Examing Different Types of Prejudice in a Mock Juror Setting 

Adam Herrera | 30th Anniversary of the South Park Paving Project

Denise Muro | Social Implications of Aid-Providing Agencies Portrayals of Displaced Women in Germany 

Lydiah Nganga | Teacher Education for Social Justice: Connecting the Global to the Local

Eric Nigh | US Intermediaries and Agents Intervention in Iraqi Society – Implications for US Foreign Policy and Development

Cheyenne Pettit | Shell Shock, Social Stigma and Canada During and After the First World War 

Lilia Soto | Napa Valley Uncorked: Mexicans in the Wine Country

Bernard Steinman, Virginia Vincenti, and Kenneth Gerow | Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Elder Financial Exploitation by Relatives and Powers of Attorney 

2015 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Scott Freng | Exploring the Two-Dimensional Model of Prejudice Toward African Americans: A GIS Study

Krist Jessup | Covet thy Neighbor’s House: Socioeconomic Disparities and Ethnic Discourse in Rwanda, 1962-1994

Cliff Kodero | Politics of Memory: Examining how the Hutu Refugees in the United States Remember the Rwandan Genocide and how this affects the Process of Healing and Reconciliation

Barbara Logan and Ruth Bjorkenwall | Mapping Migration: Contemporary European Policy Debate and the History of Nation-State Interventions in the Movement of Labor

Lydiah Nganga | Culturally Responsive and Anti-Biased Teaching Benefits Early Childhood Pre-Service Teachers

Tyrone Randall | Unites Us Or Divides Us: What is the state of American Racial Relations Post-Black Lives Matter

Valerie Thompson-Ebanks | What Factors Negatively and Positively Impact the College Experiences of Active Duty and Military Veterans?

Jessica White | International education for Social justice in a globalized era: A self-study

2014 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Adil Bentahar | Assessing MENA* Students’ Civic Literacy for Social Justice: Project Citizen in Jordan and Morocco

Irene Checa-Garcia | New Spanish Language Development Measures: Detecting Developmental Language Disorders in Spanish-English Bilingual Children

Vanessa Fonseca | Building Latina/o Community Autobiographies in Wyoming

Keonghee Tao Han | Exploring New Literacies with White teachers in a rural, predominantly Euro-American campus

Kelly Hatton | Appachi Cotton: Exploring Sustainable Alternatives for Cotton Production in India

Tracey Patton | A Nation's Undesirables - Mischlingskinder and Whiteness: Post-WWII German Brown Babies

Ola Raddaoui | Role of women in the Arab Spring revolutions: A New Perspective on Islamic Feminism (Tunisia- Egypt- Yemen)

Safia Thanhauser | Hunger Strikers: Fighting Solitary Confinement in California’s State Prisons

2013 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Nevin Aiken | The Limits of Decentralized Justice?: Reassessing Northern Ireland’s Transitional Justice Strategy

Cecilia Aragon | Theatre in Education: Using Theatre for Social Change and Among Disenfranchised Populations

Meghan Brown |American Indian College Students in a Frontier State: Exploring Barriers

Aurora Chang | A Critical Ethnographic Analysis of Rural Latinas' educational Experiences

Mark Guiberson | Using Technology to Screen for Developmental Language Disorders in Spanish-Speaking Preschoolers (Screening Spanish-speaking Preschooler Study)

Alyssa Kaelin | Rural tourism development in Nepal: One village’s experience of socioeconomic structural transformation

Kathleen Kniss | Bullying Hurts: Using book studies to promote anti-bullying teaching practices

Neely Mahapatra | Experiences of Domestic Violence and Formal and Informal Help-seeking Among South Asian Women Expatriates in Dubai and/or in United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Virginia Vincenti | Financial Exploitation of the Elderly within the Family System

Brittany Wienholz | Strength or Struggle: Significance of Spirituality for Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse

2012 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Rahimjon Abdugafurov | Religious Tolerance and Pluralism in Uzbekistan

Cheryl Biondolillo | Brooklyn Oysters: How to grow environmentalists in the city

Colleen Denney and Karen Goebel | Raise Your Banner High! The Visual Culture of Women’s Activism from London to Paris, 1860 to the Present

Virgina Vincent | The Growing Global Problem of Elder Financial Exploitation: Impact of and on Families

Karen Williams | Technology in the Lives of Young Children

Shuping Zhang | Rethinking the urban expansion

2011 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Julia Jeanes Behr-Lausch | The Plight of Southeast Asian Migrant Women in the Margins of Dubai’s Social and Economic Oil Based Structure

Harold Bergman and Diem Thu Pham | Continuing dioxin exposure and human health effects in the Vietnamese population from past usage of Agent Orange in the Vietnam War: A social justice 

Cara Durr | Microcredit in Indonesia: An exploration of the social benefits and consequences for women who receive microloans through the group lending model

Teena Gabrielson | The Normalized Toxic Body:  A Site for Theorizing a Democratic, Ecological Politics

Keonghee Tao Han, Lydiah, Nganga, and John Kambutu | Exploring the experiences of faculty of color working in a rural, predominantly White campus

Neely Mahapatra | Pathways to seeking formal/outside help for domestic violence victims of South Asian origin

Helen McBride | The role of women in conflict making and peacemaking in “The Troubles”: A study of Northern Irish Women

Conor Mullen | Skateboarding and Social Change

LuLing Osofsky | Attempting a Post-Colonial Utopia: An Essayistic Exploration of Auroville

Kevin Roxas | Welcome Home:  Creating Intentional Communities of Care for Newcomer Refugee Students and Their Families

Lilia Soto | The Fate of Transnational Migration:  Muchachas Mexicanas in California’s Napa Valley

2010 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Tara Busch | A Comparative Analysis of the Influencing Factors for Effectiveness in Transplanted and Grassroots Women’s Civil Society Organizations in Almaty, Kazakhstan

Carie Green and Burnett Whiteplume | The Integration of Bolivian Indigenous Ways of Knowing in Bolivian Education

Tracey Patton and Sally Schedlock | This Ain’t My First Rodeo: A Visual Analysis of 100 Years of Women and Ethnic Minority Women in Rodeo

Christine Rogers | It Takes a Village: A Narrative Exploration of Decolonization through Indigenous Community-Centered Learning

Amy Sherwood | The Road to Sustainable Community Adaptation: Investigating Household Responses to Climate Crises in Laikipia District, Kenya

Anne Spear | A Case Study of the Mothers’ Association (Association Mères Educatrices, AME) in Tangaye, Burkina Faso

2009 SJRC Funded Scholars & Proposals

Kent Beck and Serena Lambert | The Wyoming Sage Photovoice Project: Giving Voice to Youth and Families Participating in Wyoming's Mental Health System

Carol Bryant, Rebecca Brazzale, and Brian Brisko | The Potential for Project Citizen to Provide an Authentic Venue for Student Voice in Cross-Cultural Settings Vis-a-vis Community Justice and Human Rights

Kashmira Ghandhi | Effects of Political Unrest on Oaxacan Women's Artisan Cooperatives

Anne Guzzo | Haddayr Blogs, Art Songs

2008 SJRC Funded Scholars

Jeasik Cho, A. Trent, V. Cordona, J. Walker, and O. Wasilik

William Medina, C. Bryant, and C. Taylor

Jeminie Shell

Marissa Valenzuela-Johnson

Margie Zamudio

Kate Muir Welsh

Contact Us

Social Justice Research Center

314 UW Beta House

1731 Fraternity Row

Laramie, WY 82071

Phone: 307-766-6672


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