Unlock New Opportunities: Expand Your Skillset with a Computing Minor at UW

Our computing minor offers students an enriching pathway to explore the dynamic world of digital technologies. Designed to complement all majors, this program provides a comprehensive foundation in both basic and advanced computing concepts. Through engaging coursework and practical application, students gain the skills to leverage technology and solve real-world problems. Whether you aspire to innovate, analyze data or develop software solutions, the computing minor equips you with the expertise to navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of computing and excel in your chosen field.

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About The Computing Minor At UW

In our increasingly digital era, the demand for computer literacy and digital technology savviness is at an all time high. Recognizing this shift, the School of Computing a flexible computing minor that is applicable to all majors and all students. The simple act of adding a computing minor can be the differentiating factor that sets you apart.

Including a computing minor into your program is easy, as several courses may already align with your major's requirements. Even if the computing courses are not required by your degree, you can easily apply them towards electives a majority of the time. 

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The School of Computing (SoC) at the University of Wyoming stands as the newest addition to the university's roster of schools. With a clear vision in mind, the SoC is dedicated to equipping UW students, faculty and staff, as well as Wyoming businesses and citizens, with the necessary computational tools, skills and approaches to spearhead transformation and innovation within the state and beyond. By championing digitalization, inclusivity, interdisciplinarity and entrepreneurship, the SoC endeavors to foster a culture of collaboration and partnership, connecting the university with various computing initiatives throughout Wyoming.

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What Can You Do With a Computing Minor?

Proficiency in digital skills is now essential for pursuing your dream career, excelling in your chosen field and maximizing professional advancement opportunities. Employers across diverse industries prioritize computing skills as top-tier desired traits in their workforce. By earning a computing minor, individuals gain a competitive edge and set themselves apart in the job market. It equips them with the necessary technological knowledge and proficiency, allowing them to check the box of essential computing skills that many employers seek.

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Here is just a small sampling of jobs that value added computing credentials:

  • Environmental Management
  • Digital Content Creator
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Educator
  • Project Manager
  • Software Development
  • Data Scientist
  • Digital Diagnostics
  • Wildlife Migration
  • Remote Sensing
  • Web Development
  • E-Commerce Specialist



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Computer Minor Program Highlights

Versatile Experiential Learning

In our program, every course emphasizes the practical utilization of computing and digital technology while integrating it into various fields and majors. To enhance experiential learning, all students participate in a 4-credit practicum. This final course is tailored to each student's major, desired objectives and areas of research interests. Possibilities include collaborating with a UW research scientist on a computer-related project, engaging in an internship with an industry partner or participating in a team-based practicum focused on solving real-world technological challenges offered by a local corporate partner.

Expansive Research Opportunities

To deepen students' application of computing and digital technology, the SoC offers a range of undergraduate research opportunities through numerous local corporate, national corporate and national lab partnerships. As the home of the esteemed UW Derecho Professors, we provide support for a significant number of undergraduate research assistants.  Additionally, we offer funding for work study positions specifically designed to enhance research experiences and provide support through summer camp funding.


Outstanding Resources

The SoC offers a wide range of valuable resources to support and enhance computing minor students' learning. From software downloads and coding libraries to online tutorials and documentation, these resources empower students to explore and experiment in their studies even deeper.

World-Class Facilities

Computing minor students have the opportunity to leverage cutting-edge resources like the NCAR Wyoming Supercomputing Center, Advanced Research Computing Center (ARCC), Center for Blockchain and Digital Innovation, 3D Visualization Center and many more.


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