Wyoming Transition Programs Project

The Wyoming Transition Programs project is funded by the Ellbogen Foundation, and is designed as an impact study on Wyoming high schools' programs that are offered to support students after graduation for success in careers and in college. You can read more about this project here. The team, which consists of current WSUP Director Colby gull, former Director Dr. Leslie Rush, Dr. Kristy Palmer, and senior project coordinator, Nicholas Jesse, have presented this project to the State Board of Education, the Wyoming School Board Association, and the College of Education Summit.

Case Studies

In May of 2024, Dr. Leslie Rush and Dr. Kristy Palmer presented the finalized case studies from a handful of specific school districts to the State Board of Education. Please take a moment to read through those case studies below.

Best Practices

The finalized inventory of programs can be viewed through the interactive map below.

View WSUP Program Inventory By District in a full screen map

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