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Full-Time Positions

At present we have no positions available at WYNDD

Assistantship Positions

At present we have no positions available at WYNDD.

Field Technicians

At present we have no positions available at WYNDD

Work Study

If you are a University of Wyoming student looking for a work study position contact Joy Handley. Additionally, you may visit the student employment website to find out whether we have any current openings. Click on the Advanced Search option and expand the Employers tab. WYNDD is listed as Wyo Natural Diversity Database - #50300.


Over the years, WYNDD has sponsored internships for UW undergraduate and graduate students, providing the students with opportunities to learn skills such as literature research, mapping, and uses of computer databases. These internships have benefited WYNDD in such ways as helping the program's staff update the databases, find new information in the literature, and clear up a backlog of mapping.

The details of each internship -- the time required, supervision, the product expected from the student, the method of awarding credit -- will vary from project to project and from one department to another, and will be agreed upon at the beginning of the project by the student, his or her faculty sponsor, and a WYNDD staff member. In general, we anticipate:

  • that each student will work several hours/week over a semester to earn 1-2 credit hours,
  • that one of us with WYNDD will meet regularly with the student to supervise and consult,
  • and that the student and his or her advisor or sponsor will take care of the administrative details needed to obtain academic credit.

Please contact us if you would like more information regarding potential internships with our program.


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