Packing and Shipping Samples

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Euthanasia Services

Effective immediately the WSVL will no longer be able to provide euthanasia services for animals to be submitted for necropsy or disposal.  Animals will need to be dead on arrival at the lab.  Animals presented alive at the lab will not be accepted and will be referred to local veterinarians for euthanasia.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you.

Attention Coggins' Sample Submitters

Please consider utilizing serum separator tubes or manually separating serum prior to submission for Coggins' samples. Serum separated from the clot is much more durable in shipping than serum left on the clot. Temperature extremes, shipping delays, and road closures, are all common in WY during winter and summer. Every year, our serology laboratory must request new serum specimens when they get hemolyzed blood for EIA tests. Your clients, patients and staff will appreciate timely results when you don't have to replace hemolyzed specimens during adverse weather.

Shipping Formalin Fixed Tissues in Winter

As long as there is a risk of formalin fixed tissues freezing in transit, please send samples in INSULATED containers.  Please consider adding alcohol  (isopropyl, methanol, or ethanol) at a ratio of 1 part alcohol to 9 parts formalin, as this will depress the freezing point of the formalin solution.  Tumors can be especially difficult to read when the tissue freezes, as tissues are shrunk, and cytological features are lost.

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