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Our University of Wyoming College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Susan McCormack Center for Student Success Career Services Office team is dedicated to empowering students on their career journey by providing comprehensive guidance, resources and support.

From personalized career advising and professional development to internship, graduate school, and job placement assistance, our team strives to equip students with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in the ever-evolving professional world. To do this, we organize events and advise students on resume building, interviewing, networking, cover letter writing, job searching, graduate school applications, and much more.

By collaborating with faculty, our team aims to bridge the gap between academics and what comes next, fostering a culture of post-graduation readiness and ensuring our graduates excel in their chosen fields. Together, let's empower our students for a promising future.


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Our team coordinates events including career fairs, company information sessions, and professional development events throughout the semester. Contact us to schedule your next event promotion or inclusion in the classroom.

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Our team is happy to speak in your classroom for any length of time. These visits can be a short introduction of what the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences Susan McCormack Center for Student Success Career Services Office offers to a full lesson on specific subject areas such as resume building, job searching or networking. Contact us to schedule your visit.

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Alumni love to connect with students and talk about the company they work for. Our team is happy to assist in connecting you with alumni for this purpose. Feel free to reach out to request a presentation

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Research shows that students are more likely to take part in activities they get credit for. Consider assigning a small number of points to a post-graduation related activity via SOAR that connects with Canvas to easily incorporate this into your classroom. For example, activities could include attending a career fair, scheduling an appointment with a career professional, submitting a cover letter or personal statement, or conducting an informational interview with a professional.



Introducing our Future-Focused Faculty Program! As a valued member of our university's faculty, we understand the pivotal role you play in shaping students' futures. We invite you to participate in this exciting program designed to further strengthen the collaboration between faculty, alumni and our Career Services Office.

By recording your post-graduation success engagements and promoting the career center's resources, you not only support students' professional development but could also help your department win the Future-Focused award along with a $200 gift card for yourself.

Together, let's create a robust ecosystem of support, empowering our students to thrive in their chosen fields. Join us in building a future-focused community of academic excellence and professional success.

To take part in the program, simply include post-graduation success engagements in your classroom and record them in the Engagement Report Survey. Each form of engagement, ranging from promoting events in the classroom to taking students on a site tour, is assigned a number of points. At the end of each semester, our team adds up the points and awards the CEPS department with the most total points from their respective faculty. Additionally the faculty member with the most points within that department will be awarded a certificate as well as a $200 stipend!  

Click here for the full list of currently recognized forms of future focused engagement and the points associated with each.


  • Future-Focused Department Award (Department)
  • Lunch for department faculty (Department)
  • “Future Focused Teaching Certificate” from Carrell Family Dean Cameron Wright (Individual faculty member)
  • $200 stipend (Individual faculty member)
  • Acknowledgement in CEPS e-newsletter and CEPS Career Services Weekly Bulletin (Department and Individual)
  • An “Impact Report” from students who benefitted from your engagement (Department and Individual)

If you have an industry contact that you would like us to save into our system in order to be invited to career fairs and other recruiting events, please click here.


Our office is excited to share with you the many opportunities we have available for recruiters and employers to engage with our University of Wyoming students. 


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Susan McCormack Center for Student Success

College of Engineering and Physical Sciences

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307-766-4277 | tgrabner@uwyo.edu


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