Constructive Destruction


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Devils Tower


Jenny with students in lab

Current Graduate Students

Mr. Tarik (Jay) Hossain – MS

Mr. Caleb Pachel – MS

Mr. John Higgins – MS


Research group alumni

Mr. Josh Ring, MS 2020, Analysis of Masonry Beams with Openings

Mr. Jorge Varela Riviera – Fulbright Scholar

Mr. Jingeng Sun – Visiting researcher shared with Gang Tan

Mr. Bryce Fiore, MS 2017, Statistical Analysis of Recycled Concrete Aggregate

Mr. Caleb Jennings, MS 2017, Thin-panel Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Floor Systems

Ms. Margaret Kimble, MS 2016, Mitigation Methods for Alkali-Silica Reaction (ASR) in Concrete

Mr. Shane Wilson, MS 2016, Out-of-plane Testing of AAC Clad Walls

Mr. Nicholas Owen, MS 2015, Shear testing of Fasteners in AAC

Mr. Darby Hacker, MS, May 2014, Stiffness Damage Testing of ASR Affected Concrete

Mr. Sina Erturk, MS May 2014, Structural Response of a Small Scale Wind Tower

Ms. Melinda Kolm, MS 2013, Foundation Design for Small Scale Wind Tower

Ms. Sarah Ebright, MS 2012, Water Penetration of Single-Wythe Concrete Masonry Walls

Mr. John Patton Davis, MS 2012, Shear Wall Testing of Concrete Masonry Walls

Ms. Angela Jones, MS 2011, Effectiveness of Recycled Concrete Aggregate in New Construction

Mr. Scott Wolfer, MS 2011, Using Post-tensioned Concrete Segments in Wind Tower Construction

Mr. Tyler Robison, MS 2010, Non-destructive Testing of Concrete Bridge Decks

Mr. Ryan Fertig, MS 2010, Developing a Field Site and Accelerated Test Methods to Evaluate ASR Potential in Wyoming Aggregates

Ms. Vanessa Storlie, MS 2009, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Floor Diaphragms Subjected to Lateral Loads

Mr. Jiangang Deng, PhD 2008, Durability of Externally Bonded Carbon Fiber Polymer Systems

Ms. Christy Guenther, MS 2007

Mr. John Coombs, MS 2007, Development of a Masonry Laboratory Website

Mr. Emre Insel, MS 2007, Evaluation of Fatigue Loads on Insulated-Concrete Panels Connected by Carbon Fiber Polymer Grid Systems

Ms. Christina Behrens, MS 2006, Determination of Thermal Resistance of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete

Mr. Cody Parker, MS 2006, Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Material Testing and Floor Systems

Mr. Matt Olsen, MS 2006, Static Testing of Insulated-Concrete Connected by Carbon Fiber Polymer Grid Systems

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