Course Syllabi

Criminal Justice Program


Fall 2020

CRMJ 1001-01: Intro to Criminal Justice (Snyder, Jamie)
CRMJ 2210-01: Criminal Law (Fetsco, Daniel)
CRMJ 2400-01: Criminology (Freng, Adrienne)
CRMJ 2685-01: Research Methods (Schweitzer, Kimberly)
CRMJ 2685-40: Research Methods (Adams, Christine)
CRMJ 3110-01: Criminal Courts & Process (Schweitzer, Kimberly)
CRMJ 3250-01: Juvenile Delinquency (Bares, Kyle)
CRMJ 3350-01: Correctional Theory & Practice (Wodahl, Eric)
CRMJ 3400-40: Deviant Behavior (Ukaegbu, Chikwendu)
CRMJ 3400-80: Deviant Behavior (Holmes, Malcolm)
CRMJ 3490-01: Issues in Policing (White, Clair)
CRMJ 3490-80: Issues in Policing (White, Clair)
CRMJ 3500-80: Drugs and CJ (Snyder, Jamie)
CRMJ 4110-01: Const Law: Civil Lib/Rights (McConnell, Jason)
CRMJ 4130-01: Criminal Justice Mgmt (Barnhart, Richard)
CRMJ 4140-80: Criminal Leg Proc (Fetsco, Daniel)
CRMJ 4200-01: Ethics & Adm Justice (Fetsco, Daniel)
CRMJ 4280-01: Comparative CJ (Blakely, Curtis)
CRMJ 4370-01: Criminal Psychopathology (Nunez, Narina)
CRMJ 4705-01: Global Terrorism (Barnhart, Richard)
CRMJ 4705-40: Global Terrorism (Ukaegbu, Chikwendu)
CRMJ 4730-41: Psychology & Law (Flick, Cassandra)
CRMJ 4760-40: Child Maltreatment (Choi, Samuel)
CRMJ 4990-03: Topics: Race, Gender, and the Law (Bridgeman, Jacquelyn)
CRMJ 5000-80: Survey of Criminal Justice (Snyder, Jamie)
CRMJ 5151-01: Crime Causation (Wodahl, Eric)
CRMJ 5151-80: Crime Causation (Wodahl, Eric)
CRMJ 5280-01: Comparative CJ (Barnhart, Richard)

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