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Finances & Fundraising


Student Orgs have the opportunity to generate funds from dues and fundraising. There are also multiple options for housing Student Org funds.

For more information about finances, fundraising opportunities, and how to budget, please contact us at 

UW Foundation Account Info & Forms


UW Foundation Account

Student Orgs may utilize the assistance of the Student Orgs & Entertainment Office to manage their finances through a UW Foundation Account. When Student Orgs receive money, they can bring the funds into Student Orgs & Entertainment. When those funds are needed, the Student Org can request them from their account via the P-Card check-out process (pending the nature of requested funds). For more information about UW Foundation Accounts, please contact us at


P-Card Process Image

UW Foundation Account Request Form: If your student org is interested in setting up a UW Foundation account, please review this form. Follow your email submission of this form our Student Orgs Coordinator will connect with you to schedule a meeting to finalize the form and discuss any question you may have. 

P-Card Request Form Please submit this form and additional forms (as needed) a minimum of three (3) business days prior to needing the card. 

Hosting Form (required when student org is purchasing food in any capacity

Student Org Reimbursement Process: If you are planning on provide an type of reimbursement, please review this form that outline the process and estimate time line.

One-Page Self-Registration Instructions for Suppliers  |  Supplier Self-Registration Quick Reference Guide for Individuals For students that are NOT currently employed by UW seeking a reimbursement must complete the prior to process and receiving payment for expenses made.       

For support on the application process please contact 

Non-Employee-Travel Form: For reimbursements involving travel to conferences, programs, sponsored research trips, etc student org leaders will need to fill out the linked form. With permission from both the Student Org Primary Officer (often President) and Financial Manager (often Treasurer). Students can seek out reimbursements for travel expenses such as group/ individual food purchases, lodging staying, public transportation services (bus, trams, light-rail, bikes) or ride-share services (Uber, Lyft, Lime,) fuel for rental car, and other agreed-upon travel-related items.

ASUW Funding

Event Funding

Student Orgs may request funding for events on campus through ASUW. Events that want to apply for ASUW funding must be submitted through Cowbell at least 5 weeks in advance. The application form for event funding is embedded in the student orgs event registration process. For more information, please contact the ASUW Director of Student Orgs Relations at

Student Orgs Budget Event Sheet

Conference Registration Funding

Student Orgs may request up to $750 per semester to go towards conference registration. To apply, please fill out an application form and deliver it to the ASUW Office.


For more information about ASUW funding, please visit the ASUW Student Organization Services.

Fundraising Opportunities

Donation Methods:

  • Community Solicitation
  • UW Department or College Solicitation

 Student Org Staffing Methods:

  • Athletic Concessions
  • Safe Ride Sidekicks
    • Student Orgs have the opportunity to earn money for being a sidekick for Safe Ride. For more information, please visit their website.
  • Landmark Staffing
    • Will pay Student Orgs to help take tickets, usher, check bags, oversee parking, and other security activities at athletic events (separate from Athletic Concessions). For more information, please contact 

Sales Methods:

  • Bake Sales 
    • Please review the Wyoming union Policies & Operating Procedures for how to hold a bake sale within the Wyoming Union. In addition, make sure to submit the bake sale through the student orgs event submission process for more marketing opportunities. 
      • Bake Sale Policy 
  • Fundraising Nights at Restaurants 
    • Some local restaurants like to support our Student Orgs in a variety of ways. Most popular is driving business to a certain restaurant in which the restaurant agrees to either a percentage (%) or overall night total of funds to be granted to the student org.

Other Banking 

Local Bank Accounts

Student Orgs may be set up at any bank in the area. To establish a bank account, you will need a tax identification number with the account, which you can obtain through the IRS. Student Orgs are not allowed to use the University of Wyoming EIN without the expressed consent of an authorized University official if they have a local bank account.