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Annual Student Org Updates


Each Student Organization is required to renew every academic year. The annual renewal includes completing the steps listed below.

For more information, please contact us at 

UWconnect to Cowbell 

With a new semester upon us, there is a new change coming in the form of our Student Org Management Platform. As you have seen teased out in our monthly newsletter, we are making a switch in our management platform, what we’ll call “Cowbell”. Below you'll find our How To Guide to transition (re-register) your student org.

Resources to help you re-register in Cowbell

On behalf of the Student Orgs & Entertainment Office, thank you for your continued understanding and patience as we make this transition. Should you have any questions about this please feel free to reach out to me at

Advisor Agreement

Student Orgs (Level 2 &3) are required to have at least one advisor for their organization. Upon your organization submission and approval of re-registration, the listed advisor will receive the link to complete the advisor agreement form. This part doesn’t not affect the completion status of the organization's re-registration process, as we recognize our student org advisor(s) hold various roles and responsibilities. 


All Student Orgs are required to have a Constitution on file with the Student Orgs & Entertainment Office. Constitutions should be revised and updated annually. Constitutions must be uploaded with your UW Connect registration. If your organization no longer has the current constitution, please contact To help revise your constitution, please look at the Student Orgs Constitution Template 


Student Organization Policies

The University of Wyoming has a set of policies that all Student Orgs are obligated to know and demonstrate. Please familiarize yourself with the following policies:

Student Organization Recognition Process, Activity Registration, Use of Facilities, and Off-Campus Activities Policy

Use of Buildings, Grounds, & Services by Student Organizations Policy

Student Code of Conduct

Anti-Hazing Policy

Policies & Procedures Governing Sexual Misconduct

Sexual Misconduct Policy & Procedure

Violence in the Workplace Policy

Civil Rights Discrimination Policy