Sarah Lee


Sarah Lee


Assistant Lecturer
Human Development and Family Sciences Program Option



M.S. Child and Family Studies, University of Wyoming, 1996

B.S. Elementary Education/Area of Concentration: Early Childhood, 1981


Courses Taught

  • Fundamentals of Aging and Human Development (FCSC 2110)
  • Child Development (FCSC 2121)
  • Professionalism and Communication in Family and Consumer Science (FCSC 2200)
  • Parent-Child Relationships (FCSC 3119)
  • Multicultural Influences on the Young Child (FCSC 3220)
  • Families of Young Children with Special Needs (FCSC 4124)
  • Family Decision Making & Resource Management (FCSC 4112/5112)


As a pre-school and grade school teacher, I worked to know and use my available resources, in combination with content knowledge and an understanding of the standards to bring rigor to my teaching in order to set the stage for the student to be able to blossom and grow.  As distance Adjunct Faculty, I sought alternatives ways of learning for my students through a variety of online activities such as online field trips, panel discussions, peer reviews and role plays.  I see my role as an instructor at the university level to provide experiences, assignments, and assessments that help students apply their learning in ways that are not limiting but enriching and empowering.  I set the stage.  I bring the content.  I identify the means to add rigor to the content and standards but the students put on the show.  The joy of teaching is in watching that show.

Personal Interests

Having spent over 20 years living and traveling outside the U.S., I pursue global perspectives with great enthusiasm.   The time I spent overseas included teaching in the early childhood years at international schools where I   observed children and families from different cultures as they learned how to function and grow in a completely new cultural setting for the first time.  I mentored colleagues from different cultures as they worked to expand their knowledge about teaching, students, and families from different cultures.  I coached parents from different cultures as they negotiated the challenges of raising children far from their own support system.   My global perspective adds richness to my life and I seek to share that richness with others.

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Sarah Lee

Office: AG C 254

Phone: (307) 766-4011


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